Simple folding table with wooden hinges

26 jul. 2020
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This weeks idea was to build an all wood folding table that has a very interesting hinge.
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  • I love the elegant simplicity of it all - the build, the video, and YOU! Thank you for making. And thanks for sharing with us.

    J Robert ClarkJ Robert Clark3 uur geleden
  • Where did you get the tape with a pencil sharpener?

    Jeremiah VilleneuveJeremiah Villeneuve12 dagen geleden
  • I'm gonna try it ! It was awesome 👍

    SHRISSHRIS13 dagen geleden
  • Keep that smile... Love it... And well done....

    Alma SafilaAlma Safila29 dagen geleden
  • Congrats on closing into 1,000,000 subscribers Laura !!

    davedaveMaand geleden
  • Wow! Thats a fantastic table. I absolutely love the design. Well done

    laurina bothalaurina bothaMaand geleden
  • Perfect.

    sazenasazenaMaand geleden
  • Great project! What do you use to finish the plywood here? Is that a big flask of varnish or oil?

    Jasper VaneessenJasper VaneessenMaand geleden
  • Great. Love from India 🇮🇳

    Vaibhav SonawaneVaibhav Sonawane2 maanden geleden
  • Awesome Video! I have a question regarding the round over bit you used for trimming. It looks like you only rounded over the first (?) layer of plywood? Also looks like you used a larger bearing? I really like trim results and was wondering if anything special was done there. Thanks!

    James WilliamsonJames Williamson2 maanden geleden

      Laura KampfLaura Kampf2 maanden geleden
  • Hi Laura. Thank you for this Idea. I made just a few changes, so i could build a diningtable. If you only need one once a year, it's awesome to be able to store it :) Thaaaanks :)

    Milton FahrtFahrradMilton FahrtFahrrad2 maanden geleden
  • Always enjoy watching you work and your projects :-)

    ZissouhereZissouhere2 maanden geleden
  • Sy bilang hanya melihat bisa di tiru .sy kehabisan ide oke bro

    Meong MiawMeong Miaw2 maanden geleden
  • You really should have your own line of furniture available online or something.

    Just MeJust Me2 maanden geleden
  • Which wood is used here?

    Ashmal AfifAshmal Afif2 maanden geleden
  • in love

    James DombroskiJames Dombroski3 maanden geleden
  • I like that can you give it to me ehehe

    simon reignsimon reign3 maanden geleden
  • Laura, cheers from Brazil! First of all, I really love your videos and wish I could make 1/10 of what you do! During this period we are dealing with COVID and as I’m staying much more at home, I am introducing myself to the “DYI” world - even though I’m terrible at it., but I’m really enjoying playing around. I’d like to ask you one thing: when you decide to start a project, how do you go from the idea to the final product? I mean, do you use any trick to build, like a cardboard “prototype “ or something like this? Thus is the hardest part for me and sometimes I simply stuck... Thank you a lot for sharing all the amazing things you do!!!

    Rodrigo HindlmayerRodrigo Hindlmayer4 maanden geleden
    • Hey! I usually just get started and figure it outs I go. As a beginner it might be easier to start with a cardboard prototype. Be patient and stay curious-you got this!

      Laura KampfLaura Kampf4 maanden geleden
  • What keeps the legs from just opening up to 180 degrees?

    Peter KinslowPeter Kinslow4 maanden geleden
    • I guess it was shown very quickly around 6:50. A stopper strip with about a 15 degree bevel?

      Peter KinslowPeter Kinslow4 maanden geleden
  • *🔘I like itsss...💓👍👍👍* Chanel yang sangat bermanfaat dan Terima kasih atas ilmunya yang bisa dan sangat mudah untuk dicontohkan. Harapan..Semoga sehat dan sukses selalu. *From : Indonesia.*

    cahaya bintangcahaya bintang4 maanden geleden
  • ^^ 멋집니다 박수 !~

    만렙대디만렙대디4 maanden geleden
  • Absolutely beautiful Laura, it’s a lovely design and well crafted, you are a fabulous inspiration to all, well done!

    scott millsscott mills4 maanden geleden
  • this table is so beautifulll. i love it!

    Anje MarquezAnje Marquez5 maanden geleden
  • Everything is beautiful in your videos! Greetings from Bulgaria.

    Patriot PatrioticPatriot Patriotic5 maanden geleden
  • Hi Laura, this is a beautiful table and great job on the videography as well! Thank you for sharing! My brother wants a foldable black coffee table and I think this might be perfect! Are the plans available? If not, how much would it cost for you to make one 48inch by 25inch foldable coffee table for me? How long would it take? Thank you again.

    Shadi JahangardShadi Jahangard5 maanden geleden
  • 👍😎🍺🍩🔧🔨

    hardyan pajerohardyan pajero5 maanden geleden
  • 0:07 oh yeah

    Leonardo HardLeonardo Hard6 maanden geleden
  • I was wondering the simplest and cheapest way how to build a small table to donate a few for local comunity use. Basically it's for kids quran reading class. Thanks Laura, as yr video is the first one that appear when I search on NLworld.....👍👍👍👍👍

    Kamarudin bin Abu Nipah Abu NipahKamarudin bin Abu Nipah Abu Nipah6 maanden geleden
  • hermoso trabajo !!!!

    Hacelo Vos Paraguay - DIYHacelo Vos Paraguay - DIY6 maanden geleden
  • 🏁🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟👍🤓

    Frank TehpunktFrank Tehpunkt6 maanden geleden
  • Loved the project, but also loved your use of those styrofoam blocks for supporting the plywood while jigsawing it! And to think I’ve thrown them away! Ha! Also liked your trick of wrapping the spray can with sandpaper since it’s the same radius as the cut! Thanks for teaching an old dog new tricks! (I’m 60) LOL!

    Tom TTom T6 maanden geleden
  • Safety is a concern for me. Just bought my first circular saw.

    Elizabeth VillalobosElizabeth Villalobos6 maanden geleden
  • Another ingenious project from Laura's magic box - it's just fun to watch you and your joy when everything turned out so well.

    Papa's KreAktiv-WerkstattPapa's KreAktiv-Werkstatt6 maanden geleden
  • Amei !🥰🥰

    Margareth AbreuMargareth Abreu6 maanden geleden
  • Muito legal 🙂🎷😎👏👏🇧🇷🇧🇷👊🐕🐕🐕🐕

    Nestor Ramalho roz povedaNestor Ramalho roz poveda6 maanden geleden
  • 4:42 dieses Lächeln 😍

    Mia MartinMia Martin6 maanden geleden
  • hermoso, maravilloso !!!

    jaime Díazjaime Díaz7 maanden geleden
  • It's simple but very satisfying

    Native Son Wood ArtNative Son Wood Art7 maanden geleden
  • Nice good move idea~~~

    Life MLife M7 maanden geleden
  • My kind comment is gone 😩

    Steve AguinagaSteve Aguinaga7 maanden geleden
  • 🙋 Привет из Беларуси! Hi from Belarus 😊!! Laura, you are so Cool 👍! Your works are amazing 👌!!!

    Лисюк 66Лисюк 667 maanden geleden
  • Richtig gut, danke fürs zeigen!

    Matze GrummtMatze Grummt7 maanden geleden
  • Looks fantastic. How do you think this would be if you scaled it up to around 60w x 80L. I love your designs and styling. Keep up the awesome work and positive vibes.

    Mark BlakewayMark Blakeway7 maanden geleden
  • Te Felicito Laura! Un trabajo muy bonito y muy limpio. Un abrazo desde Perú

    Passion EnamoradaPassion Enamorada7 maanden geleden
  • As soon as I saw the pencil sharpener on the measuring tape, I clicked 'subscribe'. It just makes so much sense.

    John BodoniJohn Bodoni7 maanden geleden
  • Dat is een mooi en zeer eenvoudige tafel. Leuk ook om te maken. Bedankt voor de film.

    Hans van der HeijdenHans van der Heijden7 maanden geleden
  • Great to see an “old” Laura project that uses tools us mere mortals can obtain. Definitely going on the todo list for the bach

    BigRedNZ1BigRedNZ17 maanden geleden
  • Very cool! That smile :)

    Project Sim MediaProject Sim Media7 maanden geleden
  • Excelente trabajo u excelente profecional . Saludos desde ARGENTINA🇦🇷

    Carlos Gustavo AlarconCarlos Gustavo Alarcon7 maanden geleden
  • Love that smile

    Tanya PengusahaTanya Pengusaha7 maanden geleden
  • Muito bom.... Parabéns!

    Francisco Antonio Pesce NetoFrancisco Antonio Pesce Neto7 maanden geleden
  • Awesome and cool

    Aditya KhairAditya Khair7 maanden geleden
  • Please "abuse" the subtitles like what Primitive Technologies does.

    Kata SeikoKata Seiko7 maanden geleden
  • Toll

    Hunter CartwrightHunter Cartwright7 maanden geleden
  • I love this project, and I'm tempted to make something like this, myself! I am curious though - is there any specific reason recent videos have been sans-narration, or is it just a stylistic choice? Either way, I love it!

    Anthony LoPrimoAnthony LoPrimo7 maanden geleden
  • First time I've seen your work and not only am I mesmerised by you, your talent, but also just in seeing how you can create awesome things without (appearing to) have spent pile of money on machinery. I think the most expensive thing I saw was your Let the Glue Dry block.... LOL............. I loved every second of this.... NEW SUBSCRIBER INDEED

    Ian KnobbenIan Knobben7 maanden geleden
    • I have a lot of tools but I love these projects where I try to use as little as possible. Thanks for noticing

      Laura KampfLaura Kampf7 maanden geleden
  • That's a hard core spot to be getting some tattoo work done!!! On the shins of your legs!!!! Awesome idea for a folding table too!!😁😁😁😁

    Eric WilliamsEric Williams7 maanden geleden
  • Another great project and video :) I love how you "sneak in" all the great shop tips (pencil sharpener on your tape measure, sand paper around the spray can for getting into inside curves.) Thanks for sharing :)

    Monkey Dream Monkey DoMonkey Dream Monkey Do7 maanden geleden
  • Keren, dan sukses untukmu

    Richard LaghoRichard Lagho7 maanden geleden
  • Great video Laura! I like Smudo at the end!😁

    DIYPDDIYPD7 maanden geleden
  • The smile of joy after hard day working and editing thanks for the video It’s looking good

    W DBW DB7 maanden geleden
  • 7:33 that smile - you must be thinking about all the breakfasts in bed you're gonna have with this table. the joy is palpable!

    daskrautdaskraut7 maanden geleden
  • My biggest frustration with videos of makers like this is they always use materials that cannot be obtained by the average joe. If you could include sourcing information, it would be helpful.

    The SawyersThe Sawyers7 maanden geleden
    • Its plywood.

      Laura KampfLaura Kampf7 maanden geleden
  • A nice job, well done 👍

    Kieran FinnertyKieran Finnerty7 maanden geleden
  • Simplicity and inventiveness in both your design and your technique for building it. It’s really nice.

    Leo DeBruynLeo DeBruyn7 maanden geleden
  • Perfeito!!! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👊🏽

    RobahiasonRobahiason7 maanden geleden
  • Very cool.

    Jock McBileJock McBile7 maanden geleden
  • What is the white liquid you used to pour on the table @7:36? I'm curious what it is and what it does.

    Michael VayakornvichitMichael Vayakornvichit7 maanden geleden
  • Still not wearing safety glasses. Why?

    carsonjonescarsonjones7 maanden geleden
  • nice !

    To ToTo To7 maanden geleden
  • Laura, Is Smudo named after rapper Michael Bernd Schmidt?

    GrayRaceCatGrayRaceCat7 maanden geleden
  • Among the many things that make your videlos special, your choise of music is top among them. Thank you for the music Laura.

    Howard WheelerHoward Wheeler7 maanden geleden
  • I’m going to be that guy... I don’t like it. Accident waiting to happen the first time someone stands on it to reach something. And they will. Neat idea for the hinge though, but not for load bearing.

    H FrankleH Frankle7 maanden geleden
  • That was Beautiful !

    I LikeMakeI LikeMake7 maanden geleden
  • SUPER!!!!

    Vit SheffVit Sheff7 maanden geleden
  • it looks so good!!

    tr3sCarajostr3sCarajos7 maanden geleden
  • Wow amazing work

    Adrian PittAdrian Pitt7 maanden geleden
  • Essa tia o q ela tem de esquisita ela tem de talento 😂😂

    Mateus FerreiraMateus Ferreira7 maanden geleden
  • Simple and very practical! 👍👍👍

    La récup azimutéeLa récup azimutée7 maanden geleden
  • This video could have ended after 10 seconds and I'd still be in awe. (insert obligatory just like *** joke).

    beartasticbeartastic7 maanden geleden
  • Please wear safety glasses when using your power tools :)

    Mark WigleyMark Wigley7 maanden geleden
  • Schön! Einen Holzriegel, statt der Magnete hätte ich sehr viel besser gefunden!

    JonasJonas7 maanden geleden
  • Great little design Laura. I particularly like the magnets.

    Nomad BoatbuildingNomad Boatbuilding7 maanden geleden
  • Won't the hinge get worn and work itself out of spec over time?

    jammijammi7 maanden geleden
  • Great job! You should make at least one Cajon hand drum. Seriously, with your skills and good tools you can make a beautiful drum. I make them in my garage with cheap Harbor freight tools. I don’t have a table saw which is a challenge. Everything I know about making a cajon I learned from NLworld videos. Consider this a request.

    Joe MusicJoe Music7 maanden geleden
  • Bonjour super 👍 vous aurais les plans merci le bonjour de France 🇫🇷 Stéphane

    StéphaneStéphane7 maanden geleden
  • subtle mars yard flex at the end haha. ask tom sachs for a clean pair maybe.

    I'm building a synth.I'm building a synth.7 maanden geleden
  • sharpener on the tape measure ... someone who works with a pencil obviously ! :)

    Lyle StavastLyle Stavast7 maanden geleden
  • 10 seconds in, I'm already marvelling at your innovations... Pencil sharpener on measuring tape? Of course! Gotta love some German efficiency and Laura's creativity!!

    Daniel WoolfeDaniel Woolfe7 maanden geleden
  • The look! Can’t fake it. When it’s good, it’s great! Such joy.

    dean jordandean jordan7 maanden geleden
  • Wonderful

    Bek AmineBek Amine7 maanden geleden
  • Love the sleek minimalist design! 👍🏼

    Van Tinh ToVan Tinh To7 maanden geleden
  • Neat...

    Rollin’ RockRollin’ Rock7 maanden geleden
  • Well done

    vwbus guyvwbus guy7 maanden geleden
  • Another great idea and video Laura! You should market this little table and they can be made out of many different materials. I would buy one. 👍🏼🙂🤙🏼

    Josh HibbsJosh Hibbs7 maanden geleden
  • Wonderful work as always. With the friction of the wood rotating on wood slowly wear out and widen over time. Maybe the addition of some leather bearings inside the holes could prevent that?

    fsaintdennisfsaintdennis7 maanden geleden
  • Hi! Laura...i really love your Jobs...they are amazing. I live un a small community in Durango México, where we have pine trees. I do things with wood as can You design all those stuffs? Can You bring me the plan of this table? Thanks!

    Ulises Rodz FilerioUlises Rodz Filerio7 maanden geleden
  • This is such a useful build! Thank you for sharing. Seems like a must make item.

    Carson O'KeeffeCarson O'Keeffe7 maanden geleden
  • Excellent!

    Paul MeyettePaul Meyette7 maanden geleden
  • Just love it!! Measurements?

    Alan Diego VillalobosAlan Diego Villalobos7 maanden geleden