Q&A Camera Set Up / Inspiration in Lockdown / Mars Yars Shoe

31 jan. 2021
15 845 Weergaven

This is the first monthly livestream in 2021
Let me know what you want me to talk about in the next one down in the comments

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  • Laura, what are your favorite inspiration books right now?

    F CF C20 dagen geleden
  • Hi Laura, you should take a look at the ATEM Mini from Blackmagic, not a camera, but a tiny switcher fitting your needs. As an alternative you can get a HDMI-Grabber and feed your Canon into OBS. For the iPad you can get apps for streaming the screen to OBS via NDI over WiFi and mix it together in OBS. Let me know if I can help you with your setup! Greetings from Oldenburg (Germany)

    jwlightingjwlighting22 dagen geleden
  • Laura is a wonderful positive girl. Nice to look at.

    Саня ОдессаСаня Одесса23 dagen geleden
  • Started watching your feed a couple of years ago. I'm a woodworker, 3D printer-maker, and photographer. This is the first time I've seen you live. Thank you for sharing! I'm always inspired by your work and creativity!

    Steven GuruléSteven Gurulé24 dagen geleden
  • Hey Laura you could try something like xsplit or obs to live stream and I'm sure there's some app to view the iPad screen on your laptop

    Christian Carrasco GonzalezChristian Carrasco Gonzalez25 dagen geleden
  • مع D X N اكسب فرصة عمل دون التأثير على عملك أو الوظيفة فرصة تخفيض للأعضاء فرصة التشافي بإذن الله مواد طبيعية 100 بلمية بادر ولا تتردد في زيادة دخلك وزيادة صحة عائلتك

    الشركة الرائدة D X Nالشركة الرائدة D X N25 dagen geleden
  • HI Laura I know you weld and I would like to start a little bit of it. What do I need to buy to start and do some minimal welding. I trust your advise. something in the 120 and not 240. Thank you! Dave

    David DicksonDavid Dickson27 dagen geleden
  • Hey! You can try to use OBS to manage different video sources live. You can remote you devices with IP adress and connect your dslr as a source and you can also set your audio. If it can help you, that would be my contribution and my way to thank you for you incredible work

    Isidore Le CitadinIsidore Le Citadin27 dagen geleden
  • Finally, an answer to your music selection. I have to say, your selection in music is great for your videos. I listen to DI.FM and there is a lofi hip hop channel, and it's now in my favorites. Keep up the amazing work, your videos are a true delight to watch. I hope Canon checks out your channel and sponsors you; you are a star of inspiration for all makers around the world.

    JD PresentsJD Presents27 dagen geleden
  • Why did you create the Thanks for the music sign? I really like the music you put in your videos, and wonder if that relates to that sign.

    JD PresentsJD Presents27 dagen geleden
  • I have been trying such a setup and ran into the same problems !

    Olivier VerdierOlivier Verdier28 dagen geleden
  • If you want another option beyond OBS, note that Norm from Tested.com recently did a video review of the Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro ISO video switcher (see nlworld.info/key/video/un-QlZvIrbGqe4Q ) that sounded like it should be able to capture HDMI out from the iPad and let you mix that with other video sources. For myself, I’d try OBS first, but sometimes using dedicated hardware for this kind of thing really makes a difference.

    Brad KnowlesBrad Knowles29 dagen geleden
  • If you want really good slow motion cameras, it’s hard to beat Phantom (see www.phantomhighspeed.com/). However, I don’t think Laura does much in the way of slow-mo, and I’m sure Canon can do something in that space. Cameras are a very personal sort of thing, and it’s good for us all to recognize that you need to use what works for you.

    Brad KnowlesBrad Knowles29 dagen geleden
  • I’m sure you could get lots of people volunteering to help you with setting up your livestream.... 🤣

    Brad KnowlesBrad Knowles29 dagen geleden
  • "...because I don't want to make any choices in the morning..." YES! BIG YES!

    Draztiq MeshazDraztiq Meshaz29 dagen geleden
  • Watching your videos helped pass the time during lockdown last year in Melbourne. Thanks so much for so many great ideas and taking the time to video everything!

    Geoff LGeoff L29 dagen geleden
  • Ok can't wait until I can set up my shop again and share with you my creations. My hands are bear paws so I cannot caress my creations like your hands caress your beautiful things.

    ginger ehrhardtginger ehrhardt29 dagen geleden
  • What the hell Nike gonna do with used shoes???

    ginger ehrhardtginger ehrhardtMaand geleden
    • Don’t they turn used shoes into rubber playground padding too, and other stuff"

      MrLightPandaMrLightPanda20 dagen geleden
    • @ginger ehrhardt yes! I agree. The fashion industry is in a horrible place. That is point I am going to make in my feedback

      Laura KampfLaura Kampf29 dagen geleden
    • @Laura Kampf I just wish they didn't use child/extremely low paid labor to produce the shoes.

      ginger ehrhardtginger ehrhardt29 dagen geleden
    • They use them and our experience for research to make the best possible product. I think it’s cool to have to opportunity to give feedback

      Laura KampfLaura Kampf29 dagen geleden
  • Seattle was much more diverse in the early 90s.

    ginger ehrhardtginger ehrhardtMaand geleden
  • My best memories were made sitting at a lesbian bar when I was in my 20s.

    ginger ehrhardtginger ehrhardtMaand geleden
  • I was crazy for horses from the time I was a little girl until I went to Farrier school. I became a professional farrier. Because of terrible owners I had too many nearly impossible equine to trim hooves or put shoes on them. Yet I have a gift with equine. I could perform magic with even the worst or most dangerous. I took on the worst cases out of empathy for the animals. I paid the price and got kicked in the jaw then temple and didn't go to the hospital. Brain damage. Balance damage. Memory damage. Loss of 20 points off IQ. Now I nearly want nothing to do with horses.

    ginger ehrhardtginger ehrhardtMaand geleden
  • I think doing what you love, for a living, is BAD.

    ginger ehrhardtginger ehrhardtMaand geleden
  • Gawd, can you tell I'm drinking too many India Pale Ales? It's late and I'm glad to hear someone just talking like a normal person.

    ginger ehrhardtginger ehrhardtMaand geleden
  • Anything you talk about is interesting because you are so darling and funny.

    ginger ehrhardtginger ehrhardtMaand geleden
  • I wish I could turn back time and then

    ginger ehrhardtginger ehrhardtMaand geleden
  • YOU are such a GOOF!

    ginger ehrhardtginger ehrhardtMaand geleden
  • I watched when you built your tri pod. It's excellent. So smooth and yet stable.

    ginger ehrhardtginger ehrhardtMaand geleden
  • Laura, you are so fabulous that just seeing you and hearing you talk is perfect.

    ginger ehrhardtginger ehrhardtMaand geleden
  • mam Awesome camera setup setting, but u need camera man . To do that.and drink hot coffee in cold season.

  • Laura Krampf mitten im Kampf................is eh ois leiwand (es ist alles OK.) gruaß vom federl (ösianer) 🤘😎👍💚🍺🖖

    Hans Matz Weisse FederHans Matz Weisse FederMaand geleden
  • Wow. This was awesome. I have been following your journey for some years. I loved that it was just on your iPad - i think it shows that we all love you and your work and honestly care very little about the gear! 😎 😍😍

    Ambika J.Ambika J.Maand geleden
  • Laura's virtual maker workshop sounds like a fun community building activity. I will definitely participate. I enjoyed Tom Sachs' geodesic dome challenge so very much last summer!

    kerchuansoongkerchuansoongMaand geleden
  • Thanks for the live stream! Thumbs up, and thanks for doing it and posting it.

    Tree Carcass ManglerTree Carcass ManglerMaand geleden
  • I believe GoPro sponsors people in the maker space.

    Andrew DanneAndrew DanneMaand geleden
  • Awesome stream and love your work!. A suggestion would be a counterbalanced gantry, arm or slide for your camera so as you can use it overhead or rotate it to different angles hands-free. Wood or metal would work for this. Keep up the great work as you come up with some great inspirational ideas. refer to nlworld.info/key/video/uqSDhqy9ZK5lhoQ (My Wooden Camera Gantry And Other Video Gear on youtube). Oops spoke too soon, you already have one!! :-)

    Andrew DanneAndrew DanneMaand geleden
  • 😍💖👍👍

    GMLGMLMaand geleden
  • It's often hard to join the live stream and premieres, but it's so nice to have something to look forward to when all the obligatoriers of life are over for the day. ♥️

    tor_seldentor_seldenMaand geleden
  • being a maker for living: Yes! :-)

    Leen Van HulstLeen Van HulstMaand geleden
  • Hi Laura Your workshop is very cold, let's build a stove. Let us be an example.

    DENİZCİ 61DENİZCİ 61Maand geleden
  • I welded armored covers with scratches in N.Irak. now i'm doing carpentry here ! We have to rebuild everything. We're doing the same activity but for different reasons.

    hot doghot dogMaand geleden
  • When Laura can build a house and EVERYTHING in it (and more) but has difficulties with setting up for live stream. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Esther stephensEsther stephensMaand geleden
    • I know right?!

      Laura KampfLaura KampfMaand geleden
  • Just caught up with the livestream, shame I missed it! Love geeky camera chats 😎

    Tri Coach EmilyTri Coach EmilyMaand geleden
    • @Laura Kampf would also be totally game for “cooking and eating with Laura Kampf” 😋

      Tri Coach EmilyTri Coach EmilyMaand geleden
    • Glad you liked my geeky nerd talk :)

      Laura KampfLaura KampfMaand geleden
  • Speaking of BBQ I’m gonna use my Weber tonight!

    Frog McLobstirFrog McLobstirMaand geleden
  • My dad has been a Sigma fan boy since the sd14. About two upgrades after he let me "have" the Sigma on an indefinite loan, but wouldn't let me sell it, as all the trouble I had getting the photos I was seeing were, according to his estimation, "operator error, not the camera" I didn't have any operator error with my Lumix. hmm

    Draztiq MeshazDraztiq MeshazMaand geleden
  • Laura! I get to work with David Hasselhoff next week!! Is he still a big favorite in GermanY?

    Chet LeonardChet LeonardMaand geleden
    • @Laura Kampf LOL. Your camera boom rig is great. I totally understand how helpful that rig could be. I'm thinking of making something similar.

      Chet LeonardChet LeonardMaand geleden
    • Haha, not sure. He was big in the early nineties. Looking for freedom was a huge hit after the wall fell. I always liked his car better ;)

      Laura KampfLaura KampfMaand geleden
  • You are inspiring! Thanks!

    David Villa EscribanoDavid Villa EscribanoMaand geleden
  • Lovely livestream as always! Thank you for talking about the R5. It's my dream camera and it's good to know that it's working well for you. Hopefully it'll become more easily available soon.

    Get To Know NatureGet To Know NatureMaand geleden
    • @Laura Kampf That's great! It's supposed to be excellent for wildlife too.

      Get To Know NatureGet To Know NatureMaand geleden
    • It’s a beast so far. The lens it pretty damaged but image still looks ace :)

      Laura KampfLaura KampfMaand geleden
  • Hey there's a Cologne in Minnesota!

    Cheryl MartinCheryl MartinMaand geleden
    • I have some in my bathroom... 😆

      Frog McLobstirFrog McLobstirMaand geleden
  • Farmer blow in a waste basket

    Cheryl MartinCheryl MartinMaand geleden
  • Oh man, I knew I should have stayed up when I got up this morning. Well, even lost in time and mute it's nice to be here.

    Draztiq MeshazDraztiq MeshazMaand geleden
  • I love sound feed back it has a robotic sound, makes it 😎

    Cheryl MartinCheryl MartinMaand geleden
  • 3:00 your time? Am or pm.. what the difference to central?

    Cheryl MartinCheryl MartinMaand geleden
    • 3 pm german time is 9 am in New york, if this helps

      Cornelia BrohlCornelia BrohlMaand geleden
    • 3pm CET

      Laura KampfLaura KampfMaand geleden
  • Glorious and full of life! It’s an interesting view when your all your videos are elegant and seemingly effortless. And people SEE what you’re passionate about through your videos, with a live event we love to HEAR what you’re passionate about.

    Squashimoto777Squashimoto777Maand geleden
  • Its good to wake up and see that a video is available (I oversleep), always is a good time to see and listen you, stay safe, regards from the Andes.

    txavi el humanotxavi el humanoMaand geleden
  • If you're a zodiac sign Cancer electronics aren't your bag if you will.

    Cheryl MartinCheryl MartinMaand geleden
  • So sorry I overslept and missed the livestream. It was great to see your camera rig. I'm a huge fan of making in photography, especially alternative film processes. For food related making, once you are done with the object which shall not be named, have you considered doing one of those spinning meat things used for kabobs but also for tacos al pastor? Picture here en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_pastor

    Edward IglesiasEdward IglesiasMaand geleden
    • Yes, that’s exactly what’ve want to make. Only very small-for one person use :)

      Laura KampfLaura KampfMaand geleden
  • Send a Message Laura. I‘m about round the corner and can help with your stream Setup!

    Farzad K.Farzad K.Maand geleden
  • Thanks for answering my question about inspiration!

    Dominic IaconoDominic IaconoMaand geleden
  • Amazing work

    Arts and crafts TVArts and crafts TVMaand geleden
  • So sorry I missed this. You're my inspiration as another gay maker!

    Andrew GalbreathAndrew GalbreathMaand geleden
  • Live from L bar is a great idea, keep up the great work, hang on, it’s hard for everyone, just missed the live however I’ll finish watching the recording now

    Bedongski from Bedong DesignBedongski from Bedong DesignMaand geleden
  • Just randomly curious - what has become of the tiny house you built a couple of years ago?

    JJJJMaand geleden
    • I had to sell it when I moved to the countryside. It made more sense in the city and after 2 years I gave it to a friend. Still miss it a little

      Laura KampfLaura KampfMaand geleden
  • The reward for good work is? Can you tell us the writing on the wall?

    Anuradha SrinivasanAnuradha SrinivasanMaand geleden
    • The reward for good work is more work

      Laura KampfLaura KampfMaand geleden
  • 🤚 🇺🇸

    Lorena AcostaLorena AcostaMaand geleden
  • Good morning from Texas.. sorry I overslept.

    Bobby WongBobby WongMaand geleden
  • Hi, Don’t give up, it’s always great. Stay safe from the uk👍

    Bike WatcherBike WatcherMaand geleden
  • Hola Laura, regards from sunny Peru.

    Claudio MenesesClaudio MenesesMaand geleden