Making a Chair from Trash - 3 Prototypes

7 feb. 2021
57 158 Weergaven

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This week i had 3 ideas for chairs made out of old Wheelbarrows. So i built three rough prototype and let you pick which one is the best. the winner is going to be next weeks project! Let me know which one of the chairs you like best 1,2 or 3. let´s go!

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  • 3 So clean. Would love to create a TV series around you.

    Michael SleeMichael Slee2 dagen geleden
  • Number 1👍

    TirDa WoodTirDa Wood2 dagen geleden
  • i like #1

    deepatimesdeepatimes4 dagen geleden
  • Number one for the laugh factor..

    Brian EvansBrian Evans7 dagen geleden
  • No crit. But I enjoy simply seated with two coshions in a wheelbarrow. I like 2. So far. Great Wark, inspirational vids. I want to take an angle grinder to a neglected barrow. Much love and keep her lit

    Brian FayBrian Fay7 dagen geleden
    • Might switch my 10euro spotifytoskillshare. I am not a roobot

      Brian FayBrian Fay7 dagen geleden
    • The mobility is no. 2 sell point

      Brian FayBrian Fay7 dagen geleden
  • Chair #1 4:36 -Chair #2 6:36-Chair #3 9:18 I love them all

    ShellyRogersShellyRogers9 dagen geleden
  • 2 ... ganz klar

    Truman !Truman !9 dagen geleden
  • 2 its a prototype so its more a hard wood finish

    j.p.m jpmMultifrickj.p.m jpmMultifrick10 dagen geleden
  • I love the utility look of #3

    Hey I'm a MakerHey I'm a Maker10 dagen geleden
  • # 2 I like the look of the remains of the wheelbarrow plus with the pumped up, the portability factor is attractive.

    Lee StimsonLee Stimson11 dagen geleden
  • A bit late but I like proto 1 better. There is room for something amazing there.

    Jérôme DebuissonJérôme Debuisson12 dagen geleden
  • Wow Laura now I'm embarrassed, your old and broken wheelbarrow is in way better condition than mine and I'm still using it!!!

    Simon rSimon r14 dagen geleden
  • One is the best.. but three has great geometry

    donnecheli 27donnecheli 2715 dagen geleden
  • Tipping #1 was my favorite 😀 I’m glad you’re ok 👌

    Tyler QuartermanTyler Quarterman16 dagen geleden
  • # 1

    John NelsonJohn Nelson16 dagen geleden
  • 3 looks actually comfortable. I think you could save some steel tubing and tire for the back floor rest.

    Randall GoethRandall Goeth16 dagen geleden
  • I am sorry and glad you're not hurt BUT THANKS FOR THE LAUGH!

    Buzz GallagherBuzz Gallagher16 dagen geleden
  • #2 all the way !! :D

    Morisse StevenMorisse Steven16 dagen geleden
  • 3

    BazzzBBazzzB16 dagen geleden
  • 2, it leaves the ability for someone to pick you up and wheel you around!

    ViniterViniter16 dagen geleden
  • Number 2, Great work Laura.

    Jeferson MendozaJeferson Mendoza16 dagen geleden
  • No. 1. Looks comfie

    Alan MilanAlan Milan16 dagen geleden
  • Number 2. Its simple and makes a statement.

    Harry MillerHarry Miller17 dagen geleden
  • I like #3 the best, but I think the edges need a roll to avoid slicing something. All three are quite playful though.

    Gary OshustGary Oshust17 dagen geleden
  • I like Prototype 2, but I think it could look really nice if you lined the seat with the metal like you did in Prototype 3.

    Stephen TimperleyStephen Timperley17 dagen geleden
  • Number 1 for sure. I could see you trimming those curved bits you cut out on the sides with maybe bent wood! Make it a mix of organic curves with metal.

    SLlM4SLlM417 dagen geleden
  • I like number 2 best as it hints most to what it was/is

    martin van Wezelmartin van Wezel17 dagen geleden
  • 2!!! Both of my daughter are very strongly in favour of 2, and I totally agree! 👍😎

    MiVyooMiVyoo17 dagen geleden
  • I like 1 and 2 but if they were combined

    Holly OlivarezHolly Olivarez17 dagen geleden
  • Number 1!!!! Its the wildest and has most opportunity

    Matt BarnesMatt Barnes17 dagen geleden
  • 3

    Tom PeregrineTom Peregrine17 dagen geleden
  • #2 - maybe with some added foot pegs on the wheel?

    tony arrowtony arrow17 dagen geleden
  • I like #2, and I loved the welding spats you created on your shoes!

    Tom TTom T18 dagen geleden
  • 1

    AlbyAlby18 dagen geleden
  • 2

    Frau HeckFrau Heck18 dagen geleden
  • 1 definately look the most comfy

    Sholyn MonkeySholyn Monkey18 dagen geleden
  • 3 please!

    HanniNanni1000HanniNanni100018 dagen geleden
  • 2 its beautifully rustic

    PaigeoPaigeo18 dagen geleden
  • 2 looks cooler

    James sr79James sr7918 dagen geleden
  • # 3 ist mein Liebling

    Felix HahnFelix Hahn18 dagen geleden
  • 2!

    CorsonmcnashCorsonmcnash18 dagen geleden
  • 2 if you promise to put pedals on the wheel, otherwise 1

    Terry HattingTerry Hatting18 dagen geleden
  • Number 3!

    Mana ParkerMana Parker18 dagen geleden
  • #2

    umbra7c6umbra7c618 dagen geleden
  • 2

    Jorge GamezJorge Gamez18 dagen geleden
  • Number 1 with cushion in certain places covered with brown leather or beige fabric:)

    Dan WDan W18 dagen geleden
  • 2

    marlon lantzmarlon lantz18 dagen geleden
  • 2 but with 3s seat. Also coolest channel on NLworld 👍

    TheKilkennyguyTheKilkennyguy18 dagen geleden
  • #1

    Adam CrumAdam Crum19 dagen geleden
  • I'm voting for Number 1. Concept and execution far superior.

    Marie MeyerMarie Meyer19 dagen geleden
  • I like 1and3

    Toyzette JeffersonToyzette Jefferson19 dagen geleden
  • omg the weld guards on your mars yards are so good. it's leather?

    Pigeon PatPigeon Pat19 dagen geleden
  • I actually like # 2. It’s definitely a conversation piece but I also like #3. What I see in my mind is that they can all be painted or stained as well. By the way Laura I’m glad you didn’t get hurt.

    Esther stephensEsther stephens19 dagen geleden
  • Our family is split, across all three 😉

    Nathan ArthurNathan Arthur19 dagen geleden
  • 1. All day long. The ‘wings’ give it such a classic chair vibe while still keeping a touch of wheel barrow.

    Oliver BruntOliver Brunt19 dagen geleden
  • Difficulte to chose but i prefert the number 2. Good work !

    Adélaïde CharletAdélaïde Charlet19 dagen geleden
  • #1 it has the most whimsy of the three

    Matthew BaumanMatthew Bauman19 dagen geleden
  • #3

    Gregor MGregor M19 dagen geleden
  • Number two the second one is way cooler with the wheel still attached.

    Lee BakerLee Baker19 dagen geleden
  • I like number 1 AND 2 because the wheelbarrow is completely reused. I would make a rocking chair out of the number 1. Greetings from the Sauerland.

    Uwe KösterUwe Köster19 dagen geleden
  • My favorite is 2

    micha egimicha egi19 dagen geleden
  • 3

    Lukas KraftLukas Kraft19 dagen geleden
  • Number 1

    Jeff JenionsJeff Jenions19 dagen geleden
  • #1. I want to see how you perfect the tip-back!

    katherine kaufmankatherine kaufman19 dagen geleden
  • My vote is for Prototype #1. I think it is the most unique and has a lot of potential.

    Charlene SCharlene S19 dagen geleden
  • Number 1 please! I think it is the most unique and I would really like to see your more refined take on it.

    Fridolin LangerFridolin Langer19 dagen geleden
  • #2

    Glen GullicksonGlen Gullickson19 dagen geleden
  • 2. It's the only one that truly retains its essential wheelbarrowyness.

    Phil BroughPhil Brough19 dagen geleden
    • ''essential wheelbarrowyness" lmao

      PaigeoPaigeo18 dagen geleden
  • #2 cause it looks the most different and cool!

    Indrajit RajtilakIndrajit Rajtilak20 dagen geleden
  • 2 is hella swag

    stupid loser big idiot brainstupid loser big idiot brain20 dagen geleden
  • 2

    Tanja AndabakTanja Andabak20 dagen geleden
  • "1st of all be careful for the next time😂....and about ur projects all of them r gr8 hats off but since the whole world is shrinking now adays & we all have problem with finding spaces for our stuff i vote for the 3rd simple beautiful chair 😊...stay safe 🤘🏼"

    chris abetianchris abetian20 dagen geleden
  • 2! Most uniquely an old wheelbarrow

    AJ TendickAJ Tendick20 dagen geleden
  • I have to pick I'd say number 1. But I'd love to see you expand on all of these ideas!

    Lou SuerLou Suer20 dagen geleden
  • 1

    MomoMomo20 dagen geleden
  • I like the reclining feature of 1 best - but I also like 2 a lot! 3 is a bit too normal, maybe.

    Stuart CuthbertsonStuart Cuthbertson20 dagen geleden
  • Number 3 looks like a chair, one you’d buy at a regular store. Number 2 looks uncomfortable because of the wheel in the way of your feet. Number three looks like a bucket seat made for my bucket, as well as initially acting like a mechanical bull. That said, number one seems unique and ultimately more comfortable. The winner, number 1!

    Jim HammockJim Hammock20 dagen geleden
  • 1!!!

    Liam SheridanLiam Sheridan20 dagen geleden
  • I like them all, but I'm going with #3

    Kerry StevensonKerry Stevenson20 dagen geleden
  • I go with number 2. It just looks cool and reads as a wheelbarrow the most. They look easy to move around too. My advice though is the base of 2 with the seat part of 3. That said 3 also is really cool.

    Jason GJason G20 dagen geleden
  • Number 2 feels like the right balance of comfort and wheelbarrow!

    Louis LeblancLouis Leblanc20 dagen geleden
  • Hey Laura tough call, like mobility of number 2 but ultimately gut feeling, it’s number 3. Just right balance of function & look, in the Renaissance William Morris stylee. Well done. Keep doing it!

    Crispin KeyzarCrispin Keyzar20 dagen geleden
  • # 2

    Jw RoosenbrandJw Roosenbrand20 dagen geleden
  • 2

    Alex GreenAlex Green20 dagen geleden
  • dog!

    Nicolas MedinaNicolas Medina20 dagen geleden
  • 1

    reservisorreservisor20 dagen geleden
  • Prototype 2!!

    Zahara L. G.Zahara L. G.20 dagen geleden
  • They're all great, but #3 feels too "normal". I really like #2, but I'm voting for #1 to see what you'll make of it

    tiefpunkttiefpunkt20 dagen geleden
  • #3

    Phil PlasmaPhil Plasma20 dagen geleden
  • The first chair is my favorite. reminds me of a rocking chair/recliner. with that said, all three chairs are great ideas.

    Anthony GandaraAnthony Gandara20 dagen geleden
  • No. 1 definitely, It has an elegant shape and 2 positions.

    Roger WalkerRoger Walker20 dagen geleden
  • 2!!! But I love the look of #3 as well and think you should make it too sometime.

    Elizabeth SwingElizabeth Swing20 dagen geleden
  • #2 is my favorite

    Nathan QuinnNathan Quinn20 dagen geleden
  • Number 1. Modify the upper back and armrests wider. :)

    Andy WolfAndy Wolf20 dagen geleden
  • I’m split between 1 and 2.

    Justin RansburgJustin Ransburg20 dagen geleden
  • I like #2!

    Laura ThomasLaura Thomas20 dagen geleden
  • 2, it's the funniest

    WhoSoupWhoSoup20 dagen geleden
  • I love Prototype #2. I think some adding pegs on the side of the wheel would be a good spot to rest your feet, kinda like the foot rests on a motorcycle.

    Lee Bent-BolducLee Bent-Bolduc20 dagen geleden
  • #1

    Jensel H.Jensel H.20 dagen geleden
  • My daughter and I think #2.

    Brad DykstraBrad Dykstra20 dagen geleden