Livestream October 2020

18 okt. 2020
13 455 Weergaven

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  • So glad you didnt delete the stream :D

    ll3 maanden geleden
  • I think we should adopt flying around as the actual phrase, it's so much better.

    J AdJ Ad4 maanden geleden
    • Is that not an actual phrase? 😂

      Laura KampfLaura Kampf4 maanden geleden
  • So long Laura! I am unsubscribing and dumping NLworld because NLworld has been dumping channels that deliver the Truth! I won't be watching anything on NLworld from this date forward!

    Gordon MuthGordon Muth4 maanden geleden
  • isnt the point of live stream to get help as well as giving in the captive covid age. whats the "mini ssd" problem ? card reader doesnt work is rather vague... i'm guessing its a mac os thing !, so put the reader on any 'debian live linux usb' booted machine 'sudo apt-get install vlc mc ffmpeg' and install 'nomachine' on all your lan connected machines for simple remote control and copying of your files to any machines drives, also see 'open mediavault' for storing your video data. Raspberry Pi 4 OpenMediaVault NAS 1,216,563 views•Oct 13, 2019 ,ExplainingComputers

    paul maydaynightpaul maydaynight4 maanden geleden
  • thanks for answering about the horse trailer. that makes total sense and you made a good decision to let it rest until you really want to work on it.

    slugbikerslugbiker4 maanden geleden
  • Cool statement about the horse trailer, honest and authentic 🙂

    Dan BDan B4 maanden geleden
  • I'm a little busy at the moment... however, I wanted to note that maybe something like plastics extrusion for sheets or more common utility materials like roofing tiles, waterproofing membranes, wall panels, etc. might be something regarding ideas to do if you're asking that in a previous video. I've been trying to wrap up the outdoors projects before the snow falls and making a long shed for the longer items... including the 17' canoe and not only materials or like free 16' garage doors for now. Ah, the challenge of rescuing free stuff. :-|) Anyhow, figured I'd note plastics recycling and I don't see much regarding extrusion of sheets or membranes... or even forming simple tiles or shingles. That would be something main stream practical also.

    jafinch78jafinch784 maanden geleden
    • Also, another neat idea I have is a more automated can recycling machine that cuts and stamps roofing tiles. What would be even neater would be welding to larger roofing tiles. Kind of different... though maybe the welding of the cans to larger sheets would also have a larger surface area utility for many other projects. Especially if can automate the seams welding very uniform. Take care!

      jafinch78jafinch784 maanden geleden
  • I hope that you never lose your passion for what you do. I watched the videos that you did with Adam Savage, and your passion definitely shows a lot when you are around like minded people. I loved how it would make you laugh when Adam would get excited because he knew he had just the part you needed for a particular part of the build. You might have been a tiny bit jealous too because he did always seem to have what he wanted right there in his shop? LOL I think the people (and pets!) who care about you will always understand your passion as long as you don’t use it as a way to hide. I, also, wanted to say that I don’t usually like videos where people are building and not talking, but yours are so well done that I had to subscribe.

    orca498orca4984 maanden geleden
  • love this girl

    andrew mutaviandrew mutavi4 maanden geleden
  • I am a lil late , please forgive me !! , Love your Videos, and Work , Keep doing Them 👏

    Barry Phil RushBarry Phil Rush4 maanden geleden
  • sorry didn't hear a word the whole show!!!!!!!

    John HarshbergerJohn Harshberger4 maanden geleden
  • Un saludo Laura desde el pais de el Salvador

    MOHAMEDMOHAMED4 maanden geleden
  • You wouldn't put all your letters on your table all the time. So they are organized in different folders just as if you put them in a box with a label on it. Desktop isn't the best place for storing... Put them to a different drive, not on the system drive...

    Ansan RoAnsan Ro4 maanden geleden
    • Sound is perfect

      Swamp MonsterSwamp Monster4 maanden geleden
  • Hola desde España un abrazo

    Ander MercadoAnder Mercado4 maanden geleden
  • Hello from Québec.... Do you speak french

    Jos clouJos clou4 maanden geleden
  • I love the idea of each receipt being a vote. I'm glad you talked about it.

    Get To Know NatureGet To Know Nature4 maanden geleden
  • This was great. We like to see you this way. You should do these once a month. Or any time you are in this same situation. And do like you said...and keep that video for a rainy day...? ✌🏻

    SecondBobSecondBob4 maanden geleden
  • You can insert the ad card directly into the backside of your iMac

    Mac ExpertMac Expert4 maanden geleden
  • Hello, I don't see the chat

    David MajerskyDavid Majersky4 maanden geleden
  • I think Open Broadcast Studio can make that picture in picture display for your stream.

    Authorized UserAuthorized User4 maanden geleden
    • +1

      John AlexanderJohn Alexander4 maanden geleden