I made a folding Bike!

27 sep. 2020
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Last week i was kicked out of a train because i didn´t have a reservation for my bike...here is my solution for this: a D.I.Y. folding Bike :)
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  • Beautiful work, I have a TIG & MIG welder Also & enjoy building stuff!,I`m gioing to build a folding bike also ,the simple version...Happy New Year!

    Keith RichardsKeith RichardsMaand geleden
  • Fantastica !

    Tullio PadoveseTullio Padovese2 maanden geleden
  • good job.

    Gl FGl F3 maanden geleden
  • Don't try this at home...

    J HJ H3 maanden geleden
  • Needs a 'TÜV sagt nein' sticker.

    Francis leMattFrancis leMatt3 maanden geleden
  • That poor old bmx why couldnt you have used a junk walmart bike

    my random stuff channelmy random stuff channel3 maanden geleden
  • Laura, all your videos are great, but this is my favorite so far. Good job!

    Debbie F.Debbie F.3 maanden geleden

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  • genial

    Leonardo HardLeonardo Hard4 maanden geleden
  • it brakes my hart to see that old mongoose bike get cut up : ( *

    ray phillipsray phillips4 maanden geleden
  • What do you have in your jean shorts Pocket? Let me Know Please Dear

    Jay TheindianrockstarJay Theindianrockstar4 maanden geleden
  • NOOOOOOO! that BMX was a collectors item :(

    razzorbladzrazzorbladz4 maanden geleden
  • You're so inspiring. Would you ever be interested in doing a seminar? I would love to come to an event.

    Michael DusablonMichael Dusablon4 maanden geleden
  • Whoah, what tool is that @4:38?

    Michael MadisonMichael Madison4 maanden geleden
  • That's the bike I had as a kid. Blue tires, chrome frame, big bats with pad in the middle. Mine had blue grips though

    John UtahJohn Utah4 maanden geleden
  • very cool

    perkelepowerperkelepower4 maanden geleden
  • original idea !!!

    sondang siahaansondang siahaan4 maanden geleden
  • Neat! your bike builds are so cool :)

    One For PaulOne For Paul4 maanden geleden
  • Necessity is the mother of invention! I'm surprised that the single link of chain is holding up as a hinge. Hope it does't fail on you at the wrong moment!

    scharkalvinscharkalvin4 maanden geleden
  • I was paying attention to your headset, I guess is Bluetooth...is it a regular headset? Or is it somewhat a hear protector? My hear protector are very uncomfortable and when I wear them I can’t listen to the music...since woodworking is an hobby I end up not wearing them 🙉

    Luca PelatiLuca Pelati4 maanden geleden
  • 🔴wah...bgaus itu bg☺️💕

    Ayu audia PutriAyu audia Putri4 maanden geleden
  • That bolt action type folding mechanism is awesome. It has a better look than most of the standard fold over clamp designs that folding bikes use.

    LeedlemierLeedlemier4 maanden geleden
  • a massive thumb up for you!

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  • Poor little vintage Mongoose

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  • Couldn’t you take off a bike’s wheels, twist the handlebars sideways and put it flat in a big, thin lightweight nylon bag and call it luggage? Keep the bag rolled up on the back of the bike ready for emergencies?

    carl bernsencarl bernsen4 maanden geleden
  • Congrats!!!

    Giuseppe VinciGiuseppe Vinci4 maanden geleden
  • Is this just a thing in Germany in regards to reserving a slot for your bike?

    Ashley BurtonAshley Burton4 maanden geleden
  • I mean, every bike is a folding bike with enough persuasion. The problem is always unfolding it back.

    Louis VictorLouis Victor4 maanden geleden
  • You have an awesome channel here. It's clear your followers love the content you put out. I sent you an email and would love to get your advice and expert opinion as a NLworldr on what I'm building and if it has any merit.

    Patrick O'LoughlinPatrick O'Loughlin4 maanden geleden
  • WOW, what a wonderful project it is! Really appreciate your ingenuity.

    Amber ZhangAmber Zhang4 maanden geleden
  • Yaaayyy beautiful Laura always inspiring the entire world with awesome projects and cool solutions, thank you so much 😍😚👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🛠📐🎵🌹

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  • Genius level maker with soothing, almost meditative, videos.

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  • Nice one.

    H BH B4 maanden geleden
  • this was a great design for a klappi! is it naturally rustproof?

    geometricbassgeometricbass4 maanden geleden
  • I never heard about this 20" regulation at the Deutsche Bahn. Here comes what I found: 1. "Fahrräder mit einem Raddurchmesser bis 16 Zoll können kostenfrei als Handgepäck mitgenommen werden. Zur Unterbringung sind die üblichen Gepäckablagen zu nutzen. Beim Verstauen über dem Sitzplatz muss eine Gefahr für Reisende ausgeschlossen sein. Deshalb bitten wir Sie das Rad z. B. in eine Tasche oder durch mitgebrachte Spanngurte zwischen anderen Gepäckstücken sicher zu verkeilen. Es dürfen aber keine Beschädigungen am Zug entstehen." I think, the 16" means first of all bicycles for children. 2. "Ein zusammengeklapptes bzw. zusammengefaltetes Faltrad muss im Zug wie Gepäck untergebracht werden. Hierfür stehen z. B. Gepäckregale und Mehrzweckbereiche zur Verfügung. Eine Fahrradkarte und eine Stellplatzreservierung im Fernverkehrszug sind nicht nötig. Bei der Unterbringung des Faltrads über dem Sitzplatz, im gefalteten Zustand, muss das Faltrad so abgelegt werden, dass es nicht verrutschen kann und eine Gefahr für Reisende ausgeschlossen ist. Dabei können z. B. eine mitgebrachte Tasche oder mitgebrachte Spanngurte helfen oder das Faltrad wird zwischen anderen Gepäckstücken verkeilt." My Montague folding bike is 26", and I had never any discussion about the wheel size.

    focus2point8focus2point84 maanden geleden
  • Deutsche Bahn, Kundenservice vom feinsten...um 3 Uhr Morgens ist die Einhaltung von Regeln 3 mal wichtiger!

    Jonas GrundeyJonas Grundey4 maanden geleden
  • I am a folding bike tourer, been riding everywhere with my 20 inch wheel Dahon on the planes, trains & buses. I compliment the creativity you implied on this bicycle. I was hopeful since the beginning of the video that you'd come out with something detailed, feature-packed, more than just a foldable bike - 1) a bike that fits into a 32 inch luggage that travels safely on a plane, 2) nicely fold and perfectly aligned front & rear wheels so you can cart the bike in the mall without getting much attentions from the securities and the public. To add value, I'm suggesting 3) the 32 inch trolley luggage is converted into trailer for the ride so you can carry stuffs bought along the ride or at least Smudo the dog. Good luck Laura!

    Azlim ZamberiAzlim Zamberi4 maanden geleden
  • Genius!! Nice work Laura!

    Trabelsi MarwenTrabelsi Marwen4 maanden geleden
  • Shocking. What an amazing solution. That’s a real gift.

    William WoodyWilliam Woody4 maanden geleden
  • You can use S&S btc couplings, it is very strong and safe: en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycle_Torque_Coupling

    Gérard BrunetGérard Brunet4 maanden geleden
  • Lovely Laura ! hey ..how did u decide the coordinates to cut at ?

    Mr.DCipherMr.DCipher4 maanden geleden
  • genious,,,,,,,,,,,,!

    Karman AngKarman Ang4 maanden geleden
  • Buen día, Laura construye una recumbent trike. Excelentes Vídeos desde Venezuela....

    Hermes PerezHermes Perez5 maanden geleden
  • Now you gotta motorize it. The Bolt Action is cool!

  • Ausgerechnet Kettenglieder am Fahrrad als Scharnier zu verwenden ... hach, wie fein ...

    A ḄA Ḅ5 maanden geleden
  • ich freu mich sehr über die Videos, denn sie sind ein Ansporn und mit der liebenswürdigen Laura auch eine Augenweide ... doch ich vermisse Smudo ...

    A ḄA Ḅ5 maanden geleden
  • 2:51 - eine Ferministin ;-)

    A ḄA Ḅ5 maanden geleden
  • Genus! But safety tip> Wear long arm/hand gloves, goggles, face guard & a spark/fire proof apron or something that cover the front part of your body so you don't get sparked on or slightly burnt by the metal cutter. 👍

    Hello HelloHello Hello5 maanden geleden
  • Nice job 👍 is it only the ICE trains which need a reservation? The RE down here in Baden Württemberg just need a ticket and as far as I know there isn't a limit.

    Dmitri IvanovDmitri Ivanov5 maanden geleden
  • What an elegant piece of work

    shirish pandeyshirish pandey5 maanden geleden
  • You are soooooo awesome..

    denzil snaggsdenzil snaggs5 maanden geleden
  • 💙 💙 💙 💙 💙

    Christopher Soprano -sculptorChristopher Soprano -sculptor5 maanden geleden
  • so awesome!!! thank you for being you - whenever I'm having a shitty day i watch your videos and you make me feel proud of being myself and being "different". also thank your for your latest podcast-rant...

    LaleluLalelu5 maanden geleden
    • Thank you! That comment made my day!!!

      Laura KampfLaura Kampf5 maanden geleden
  • Very inspiring as always and it's good solution if you're worried about climate change ;)

    Lincoln Electric EuropeLincoln Electric Europe5 maanden geleden
  • Oh man. I just might be inspired! I have wanted a lightweight foldable bike and trailer that I can strap on a kayak so that I can ride back to where I started. If it doesn't exist yet.. make it!

    MeepMeep5 maanden geleden
  • Laura, I think this is one of my favorite projects you've done in the past few months! It's a simple mechanism but it works so well. I watched your voice over one on patreon, but I had to come back and comment. ;)

    Make With MilesMake With Miles5 maanden geleden
    • Thanks Miles! I had a really good time building it!

      Laura KampfLaura Kampf5 maanden geleden
  • Add a folding steam and you are set. It cost about 35$CAD on Aliexpress.

    Keshav BodheeKeshav Bodhee5 maanden geleden
  • Very cool solution. 👍🏼

    ManCraftingTMManCraftingTM5 maanden geleden
  • So clever and so cool ....

    Nicolas PrefolNicolas Prefol5 maanden geleden
  • Brilliant! 👍👏

    K StewartK Stewart5 maanden geleden
  • Do you know if you can "Rinko" a bike and carry it on a DB train with a Rinko bag?

    Zeno LeeZeno Lee5 maanden geleden
  • Nice! Fold out pedals and a handle bar swivel next? Flat pack bike!

    Adam OAdam O5 maanden geleden
  • nice video 👌

    everywhere.localeverywhere.local5 maanden geleden
  • I loved watching this. Love bicycles and her vibe too :)

    Lexo KhubulavaLexo Khubulava5 maanden geleden
  • It would be better some U shaped, curve, instead of the V

    Jean DemerJean Demer5 maanden geleden
  • #cool

    775 maanden geleden
  • Eine geniale fachfrauliche Faltmechanik die Du da umgesetzt hast!

    Markus SchlingelMarkus Schlingel5 maanden geleden
  • think there restictions in the folded size , sumting about the bike needing to fit in a storage space between two seatbacks , or on the luggage rack above the seats not sure , nice idea with the bikechain for a hinge you might need to make the roundbar inside the tube a little longer so the locking groove is a little more than covered , i think IF the bike breaks it will break near the slots you cut intoo it , you could allso double up the wall thicknes at that point could do a hand twist knob on the steering pin so you can twist the steer off or rotate it in line with the front wheel , should help making the folded bike narrower , make the wheels removable with twistknobs and the package gets smaller still

    watahyahknowwatahyahknow5 maanden geleden
  • Sehr geil machst du noch ein großes Fahrrad so

    Jay NeuesJay Neues5 maanden geleden
  • Alter das Rad ist ja mal mega cool. Also war es vor dem Umbau schon und danach erst recht. Bestimmt das erste BMX-Klapprad überhaupt. Nice.

    Niklas SchaubNiklas Schaub5 maanden geleden
  • Крутяк! Молодец!

    ник кулаевник кулаев5 maanden geleden
  • For full size folding bike I like BSA airborne.

    Paul BoonPaul Boon5 maanden geleden
  • It actually looks a lot sturdier than most folding bikes since your bike has the steel tubes on the inside on the bike rather than just a hinge with a lock! This is really amazing.

    Indie ForteIndie Forte5 maanden geleden
  • nice,,,,,, how spell the dog´s name?? thanks

    Nicolas Francisco ChiurazziNicolas Francisco Chiurazzi5 maanden geleden
  • You have the best music in your videos!!!!

    Kenneth StarkeyKenneth Starkey5 maanden geleden
  • Germany has some odd rules/regulations ! Good build !

    Paul RiggsPaul Riggs5 maanden geleden
  • was that a Blue Max???

    Chris WoolvinChris Woolvin5 maanden geleden
  • If you don't use music and use the natural building sounds, this video would be way better. Makers always think music makes videos better. We won't be bored without music. Makes it more calm and peaceful

    Folarin OsiboduFolarin Osibodu5 maanden geleden
  • That wheel needs alignment.

    Folarin OsiboduFolarin Osibodu5 maanden geleden
  • La bicicleta Winchester carabina 30/30

    AlfreDoGAlfreDoG5 maanden geleden
  • Of course you have to reserve a spot for your bike. There must be order and organization here!

    Shain AndrewsShain Andrews5 maanden geleden
  • Respect. You have mad skills.

    JohnnyJohnny5 maanden geleden
  • Very,Very good Laura.you bicycle,folding.good day.

  • Seems Like A Lot Of Trouble For A Crap Schwin Stingray, When You Could Get A Great Dahon 7-Speed Boardwalk Cruiser That Folds Into A Canvus Shoulder Carry Bag... LOL

    Grumpy John TX Redneck RCGrumpy John TX Redneck RC5 maanden geleden
  • Little scary but if it works.. Who cares 😁

    KrzyLukoKrzyLuko5 maanden geleden
  • Sehr coole Idee mit den Bolzen und der Kette.

    Norbert GreiweNorbert Greiwe5 maanden geleden
  • Very Smart ! Great Job !

    Family RootsFamily Roots5 maanden geleden
  • the idea is good, but the bike is not so much hehe Like ever

    Agenor BesseAgenor Besse5 maanden geleden
  • Pony, ex yu, late 60. Folding bike.

    lancia300lancia3005 maanden geleden
  • Amazing Laura!

    Rodrigo Sandri AvilaRodrigo Sandri Avila5 maanden geleden
  • Perfect. I like it 👌🙏

    Lhaj BELAID WorkshopLhaj BELAID Workshop5 maanden geleden
  • Or just ride there on a bike idk

    Алмазный ПёсАлмазный Пёс5 maanden geleden
  • good~i~Dea

    mimi hellomimi hello5 maanden geleden
  • That was so cool, to make your own folding bike.

    eddie Towerseddie Towers5 maanden geleden
  • you are so cool

    Fajar SuryantoroFajar Suryantoro5 maanden geleden
  • Beware! Die Laura hat das Klapprad ausgegraben!

    Sascha VogtSascha Vogt5 maanden geleden
  • A bolt action bicycle! Badass! Hey Laura what thickness is the cutting disk on your angle grinder? Looks super thin.

    TheMasheenistTheMasheenist5 maanden geleden
  • That is awesome! I have wanted a folding bike for a while and I never considered just making one myself. I'll add this to the never ending list! lol

    The Grant AlexanderThe Grant Alexander5 maanden geleden