DIY Copper Plating ..with a tampon

24 jan. 2021
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This week i decided to final start rebuilding my Yamaha DT 175.
First thing i wanted to try is to copper plate the gas tank. i researched a bunch and finally found a good method that you can do at home with limited tools - the result is incredible!!
the tank will patina over time-can´t wait to see what this looks like in a couple weeks!

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  • Weldone superb.

    V. VincentV. Vincent4 dagen geleden
  • I've been playing around with this electro-plating and electro-etching and never thought to make a tampon pen. I hope to do some copper plating and then follow this with zinc plating and a blow torch to make a brass plated surface :)

    Peter LeePeter Lee6 dagen geleden
  • So incredible. Hats off

    Trey LefevreTrey Lefevre8 dagen geleden
  • It's just been reported that men all over the world on vintage motorcycles have been buying up all the tampons in grocery stores.

    Mark GearyMark Geary8 dagen geleden
  • incredible, small scale plating indoors! Will a clear coat keep it from turning green/bluish or tarnishing?

    Abeyant HeroAbeyant Hero8 dagen geleden
  • Loved

    BlackZeroBlackZero8 dagen geleden
  • Very nice video. Dan from cafe racer garage shared your video and asked up to check it out 👍🏼

    Jonathan wJonathan w8 dagen geleden
  • did you lacquer it?

    ikifkifikifkif9 dagen geleden
  • thatll rust in 5 mins

    ikifkifikifkif9 dagen geleden
    • Nope

      Laura KampfLaura Kampf9 dagen geleden
  • What's the spray you use to clean the tank before painting the bottom?

    KombianKombian10 dagen geleden
  • Cool

    Kapil SaxenaKapil Saxena10 dagen geleden
  • I wonder if Laura has figured out just how much work copper is to maintain. Copper will oxidize and it's going to require constant maintenance with copper polish. Copper looks great when it's polished and it looks not so nice when it isn't. Still, it's cool and unique.

    Roger H WernerRoger H Werner10 dagen geleden
  • cool idea with the plating.

    WLOMAWLOMA12 dagen geleden
  • Great work! Supper nice bike!

    H De RH De R14 dagen geleden
  • noooo the good yamaha gas tank

    GrattlerGrattler17 dagen geleden
  • One thing about copper plating is that it is the base for nickel, gold and chrome plating. We gold plated aluminum Cnc flat panel display cases for a casino in Las Vegas, they went in the bath area so you could watch tv from the bath.

    M MacM Mac21 dag geleden
  • excellent l love !

    Fabrice SeverinFabrice Severin22 dagen geleden
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  • Forgive my ignorance, but the clamping tool used to hold the tank in place, does it work via suction?

    RonyonRonyon23 dagen geleden
  • How does this work what is actually happening?

    cast awaycast away25 dagen geleden
  • Hi Laura, great video, have heard of this process but never seen it done before, keep on crafting look forward to more of your video,s., Kind regards Doc Cox. ps. Have subscribed.

    Doc CoxDoc Cox26 dagen geleden
  • It looks like Magic!

    laurent pastorellilaurent pastorelli26 dagen geleden
  • Awesome project/experiment. Who new this could be done like that.

    martin van Wezelmartin van Wezel27 dagen geleden
  • I don `t like it......................, I love it,! Great Idea !

    Carsten HammerCarsten Hammer28 dagen geleden
  • Very Interesting Proces & Unique Piece Laura! 👍🧡

    Lin WLin W29 dagen geleden
  • great job... pls restoration seat sycle

  • copper plate the frame

    Lo LipLo Lip29 dagen geleden
  • Hello Laura. Will you be plating the spokes and struts. The bike could be a steampunk masterpiece with a stitched leather seat and appropriate enclosure for the spedometer as well. Look forward to witnessing the process and the progress. Admiration from Australia.

    jim Barnesjim Barnes29 dagen geleden
  • Cool idea!!

    Torsten STorsten S29 dagen geleden
  • Ohhh wow this was amazing, love the small footprint set up, what electroplating regulator thing is that? SO COOL 😎

    Andy BullenAndy BullenMaand geleden
  • Rough translation of the sticker on the gas tank: "when God man made, she just practiced"

    Iowa599Iowa599Maand geleden
  • Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Laura Kampf edition

    MrArcher0MrArcher0Maand geleden
  • Hi from istanbul. i love you edam savege 21 years

    Başarı FırıncıBaşarı FırıncıMaand geleden
  • home-made magic (some think they can't be done, just wisdom) good and ingenious

    giancarlo pavanellogiancarlo pavanelloMaand geleden
  • Klasse, wie immer eine Wundervolle Arbeit 👍

  • Awesome work. Thanks for sharing the process with us. Please visit my channel Amir's Workshop (@amirs_workshop).

    AMIR'S WorkshopAMIR'S WorkshopMaand geleden
  • I would be smiling too with how great that looks. I can't wait to see what you do with the seat. I envision a chocolate brown leather with a bright coloured stitching to give it a quilted look.

    Jason PerryJason PerryMaand geleden
  • Hey Laura! Super schönes Projekt! Sag mal hast du irgendeinen Einfluss darauf, was für Werbung vor deinen Videos geschaltet wird? Ich hatte grad das dritte Mal AFD Werbung vor deinen Videos.

    Nico RegelNico RegelMaand geleden
  • So creative!! Getting tampon out for this project is probs #1 in my "looks stupid but it works" book - love how you 'break the rules'!

    Daniel WoolfeDaniel WoolfeMaand geleden
  • ?

    hodaka1000hodaka1000Maand geleden
  • Why you didn't use paint stripper?

    Anoir Ben TanfousAnoir Ben TanfousMaand geleden
  • Very nice. Well done. 👍🏾👌🏾

    Adetunji OyewunmiAdetunji OyewunmiMaand geleden
  • Electroplating.

    unlimit punlimit pMaand geleden
  • That is cool!!

    GuitarFuYouGuitarFuYouMaand geleden
  • Отлично!

    Павел ЕдигарьевПавел ЕдигарьевMaand geleden
  • I was a little confused by the title but the implementation was fuckin stellar

    t. m.t. m.Maand geleden
  • Wow! Fun n entertaining. Educating as well! 😎🤘🏻

    Tom FullTom FullMaand geleden
  • You invented a pen with copper ink

    Anthony CurreriAnthony CurreriMaand geleden
  • So that's what those are for!

    QuoththeRavenQuoththeRavenMaand geleden
  • How many volts do you run? Is the alkaline solution ammonia?

    metalheartmachinemetalheartmachineMaand geleden
  • Now you can also chrome it.

    andrea From Bologna, Italyandrea From Bologna, ItalyMaand geleden
  • Great video. Where did you get these alcaline and acid electrolytes? Or how to make it?

    Miku Cigar Box GuitarMiku Cigar Box GuitarMaand geleden
  • Дело было вечером, делать было нечего

    PashaPashaMaand geleden
  • I blame simone giertz for the secret weapon!

    Fadi IsmailFadi IsmailMaand geleden
  • I really enjoy the music aspect of your videos. A suggestion if I may, include the name of the song and artist; for example, add a popup in the lower right corner and that fades after 5-10 seconds. There are some wonderful songs you use that I can see myself waking up to. :) Keep up the fantastic work, I really enjoy your channel

    JD PresentsJD PresentsMaand geleden
  • Um, what did I just watch? I'm in the U.S. and have no idea if this is a European thing or what. I have seen copper plating before but this, THIS is the first time I have ever seen it done with a feminine hygiene product. It is a beautiful result despite the somewhat unorthodox way of doing it. Lol

    Craig MiltonCraig MiltonMaand geleden
  • Wow! That was awesome,

    Timmy MartinTimmy MartinMaand geleden
  • Very clever to think that a super absorber makes a great emitter! :-)

    Seth LubinSeth LubinMaand geleden
  • cafe racer?

    u2besamu2besamMaand geleden
  • Product placement, eh? Maybe Corbin could pitch in a new seat? The Yammy looks fun ... but not fun to sit on right now. [Edit to add:] The smile at 7:20 is priceless. That's an "I made this" smile, totally well-deserved. The tank came out looking great!

    Peter GamachePeter GamacheMaand geleden
  • Loved the video and hope to see more of this motorbike project

    Ana BFAna BFMaand geleden
  • I wonder if you'll let it oxidize and turn green over time.

    J. Jr.J. Jr.Maand geleden
  • looks good although unless you put some type of clear coat on it it will wear off very quickly

    pijntopijntoMaand geleden
  • great video

    Nate PierceNate PierceMaand geleden
  • How about to coat the gas tank with some beeswax? Love to see how this bike will turn out ;)

    Dimitris FlorakisDimitris FlorakisMaand geleden
  • Looks amazing. Wonder if you should upgrade to a respirator, not just a particulate mask? Also, wonder if a ceramic sealer would help protect the finish?

    Daniel ListerDaniel ListerMaand geleden
  • does it have a lot of static electricity now?

    AlibraAlibraMaand geleden
  • Very nice demonstration of a useful technique, Laura. I think the tank was more beautiful after paint removal and polishing, and before the copper finish was applied, but that's only my personal aesthetic. I am an old man now, but in the late 1970's the second motorcycle I ever owned was a Honda CB200. I had the gas tank chrome plated, and I painted everything else that wasn't shiny steel or chrome in black. It was gorgeous. That bike was only 200 cc displacement, but everyone stopped to look.

    domer1950domer1950Maand geleden
  • this is the new best video you’ve ever done

    Trigger TheSoundTrigger TheSoundMaand geleden
  • I guess we can call that the copper cootchieplug coater...

    batterymaker Mark IIbatterymaker Mark IIMaand geleden
  • Brilliant!

    MCJohnMCJohnMaand geleden
  • Hi Laura. After watching your video, I just had a word in my head... Awesome!

    Miguel DeltellMiguel DeltellMaand geleden
  • Entsteht da nicht nach einer Weile Grühnspahn?

    Peter6thPeter6thMaand geleden
  • after couple of years, tank would be like Liberty Monument!

    Alexander SkywalkerAlexander SkywalkerMaand geleden
  • This is sorcery... Excellent video!

    Painted Sky StudiosPainted Sky StudiosMaand geleden
  • Your bike looks like a Duracell 9volt... Love it.

    Rob Mods.Rob Mods.Maand geleden
  • Badass!

    Bill MilliosBill MilliosMaand geleden
  • Awesome technique, thanks for sharing.

    Carlos Alberto de Oliveira MarcalCarlos Alberto de Oliveira MarcalMaand geleden
  • Can that copper plating method work on aluminium????

    Andy JotaAndy JotaMaand geleden
  • Yes a nice period piece I do declare....

    Andy JotaAndy JotaMaand geleden
  • This is really cool!

    Michael MadisonMichael MadisonMaand geleden
  • you could turn it into a steampunk bike

    Shooting Stuff AustraliaShooting Stuff AustraliaMaand geleden
  • Sieht Sau cool 😎 aus. Top 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

    Nico EnderleinNico EnderleinMaand geleden
    • Muss da noch Klarlack drauf? 🤔 Ich frage mich, ob das Kupfer irgendwann Patina ansetzt...

      Nico EnderleinNico EnderleinMaand geleden
  • sick!

    DerHumptyDerHumptyMaand geleden
  • I'd nickname the bike duracell given its new black and copper livery.

    SkyOctopusSkyOctopusMaand geleden
  • Oh, so that's what the mysterious blue liquid that was always in the tampax ads. Being off on the yamaha sure beats playing tennis in white trousers.

    SkyOctopusSkyOctopusMaand geleden
  • Nice result! Looks like someone wants to go for a walk, our dog gets pouty like that too when my day doesn't include her.

    Michael CarterMichael CarterMaand geleden
  • Coole Technik aber schade ums originale Bike.

    Tim ForTim ForMaand geleden
  • Laura , I came across this channel , worth a look He is doing similar copper plating

    swamppifiswamppifiMaand geleden
  • On a la même moto 😍😍😍

    batteurpunkbatteurpunkMaand geleden
  • My very first bike was a DT175 - that was a very long time ago!

    Jeff MaulJeff MaulMaand geleden
  • That was great:)

    PatrickPatrickMaand geleden
  • Do you need to clear coat it?

    Katherine CrosbieKatherine CrosbieMaand geleden
  • That is amazing and works so well!

    Hey I'm a MakerHey I'm a MakerMaand geleden
  • Great video!!!! God bless!

    Im MIm MMaand geleden
  • Wow, the metal goes on just like ink from a marker pen. I would never have expected that to work that well. Great job.

    Dan SummersDan SummersMaand geleden
  • nice job !

    OndraSlezOndraSlezMaand geleden
  • that´s an awesome machine you have there :) I had one at 80´s DT 125 MX verry similar to that one . i´ll never forguet that 2 stroke engine working.

    Wood BeWood BeMaand geleden
  • Yes, a cafe racer build.

    rufftime1rufftime1Maand geleden