$50 Camera Case to $1000 Rimowa Suitcase

10 jan. 2021
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Big Thanks to Weaver Leather for supporting my work and sponsoring this project!! check them out here: www.weaverleathersupply.com/
i wanted a rimowa carry-on for a long time but they are simply too expensive. so i went online and bought an old Tropicana Case made for Cameras. The Tropicana line has been discontinued years ago but they are easy to find used. best thing about them is that they are waterproof!
so i spent a week in the shop turning this 50 Euro Camera case into a super sweet looking carry-on suitcase.
let me know what you think in the comments.
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  • amazing work 👌🏻.

    Saleh Al OreefSaleh Al Oreef23 uur geleden
  • Cost of mass produced suitcase, $1000. Cost of time, tools, inventory, shop, skillset >> $1000

    Edward DenchEdward Dench5 dagen geleden
  • Laura du toller Mensch du

    Pablo ClavoPablo Clavo16 dagen geleden
  • Bravissima LAURA sei sempre al TOP

    Soterus ArtSoterus Art17 dagen geleden
  • sehr schön, das Projekt selbst und dieses charmante, beglückte Lächeln.

    A ḄA Ḅ19 dagen geleden
  • Wow! Nice!

    Jeff MaulJeff Maul23 dagen geleden
  • You’re so talented and very attractive! You remind me of my wife. Thanks for your videos.

    Yani LamlechYani Lamlech24 dagen geleden
  • What a nice piece of leather! 👌 Plus your genius techniques in shaping, punching and sewing it, makes me instantly wanna make something new with the tons of leather that I own. 🐂🪒📐✂️🧵🪡💼 😃👍

    Gwydion67Gwydion67Maand geleden
  • Very pretty, very well built, very pickpocket friendly. xD

    Jonas RoofJonas RoofMaand geleden
  • Huh... didn't know that Rimowa suitcases were a thing. In the audio engineering world, it is all about the Pelican and the vintage Halibutron briefcases. But, once again, always learning a ton from your vids!

    Jarrod BargerJarrod BargerMaand geleden
  • excellent build! Can I ask what pants you are wearing in this video? I like the pocket design for tools, it seems to allow crouching and bending without the tools interfering

    Blitzman364Blitzman364Maand geleden
  • That was spot on Laura @ 10:01. Thanks for another inspiring project! Btw this suitcase is priceless now!

    Theodore TsinarakisTheodore TsinarakisMaand geleden
  • That leather pouch turned out so good! I don't think I've ever seen a piece that thick before.

    Kyle GKyle GMaand geleden
  • Super cool! One of my favourite project from yours!

    Jonathan VuilleminJonathan VuilleminMaand geleden
  • Mixing metal, leather, wood and canvas into one thing! If someone knows about making things they can surely appreciate each craft all coming together in this one project and how much skill it takes to work with each media. Also, Do you ever make things for your motorcycles?

    skippygirl959skippygirl959Maand geleden
  • que capricho

    emanuel carvalhoemanuel carvalhoMaand geleden
  • Excelente toda tu labor!!!!!

    alejandro sandovalalejandro sandovalMaand geleden
  • I love this case too, this is such a great build!

    joel dawsonjoel dawsonMaand geleden
  • Magnificent, and yes, it makes perfect sense!

    Michael GrayMichael GrayMaand geleden
  • Just a tip, there are leather scissors you can buy!! They're super cheap and cut through thin and thick leather much easier than knives do. Loved this video 😊❤

    MarsMarsMaand geleden
  • Laura just saw this, your skills and creativity are to be complimented. As a person who travels as part of the job I can understand the desire for good quality luggage. My single concern is with plywood foot. Under most circumstances there will not be a problem however as constructed there is a potential of failure as the foot could act as a lever on the case. Picture a loaded case being dropped on that part, sideways movement of that part could be an issue. If you use the case twice a year then perhaps it isn’t worth the bother. If I was using it every week then a redesign would be advisable. Great show and thanks for the inspiration

    Chuck RChuck RMaand geleden
  • As Always outstanding, well done

    Lee CochraneLee CochraneMaand geleden
  • Very very cool!

    Danian MayDanian MayMaand geleden
  • I really like the iPad removal method, so simple and effective!

    Hey I'm a MakerHey I'm a MakerMaand geleden
  • I know exactly how you feel. We bought a house that we thought needed a little love and it turned out to ned a lot more work than we expected. But when we walk in there it feels so much more a home than anywhere I've ever lived because we've put so much of ourselves into the walls.

    Plan Build Bodge RepeatPlan Build Bodge RepeatMaand geleden
  • "If u put some work into an object and really make it your own, it's more yours.." EXACTLY! 100% makes sense.

    Astrid GroverAstrid GroverMaand geleden
  • That is SO BADASS!!!

    Douglas BrandtDouglas BrandtMaand geleden
  • Saugeil Laura!

    Zwiebeltreter CustomsZwiebeltreter CustomsMaand geleden
  • You're so incredibly inspiring. And I agree with your parting words. I always feel something is more ME and more MINE when I make or enhance or customize something. This turned out great and I love how your face lights up when things are coming together. 😊😊🥪🥪

    MakerMaddoxMakerMaddoxMaand geleden
  • You are so lucky to find the Rimowa cases at such a bargain. I've thought about trying to get one of the attache cases used for a laptop case and they just aren't available around here.

    Matthew DavisMatthew DavisMaand geleden
  • Love your work but please, the dollar sign goes before the amount.

    AusblackAusblackMaand geleden
  • nlworld.info/stream/88RoRRqhoUPPdSTEUYKDOw.html

    Amir HeshmatAmir HeshmatMaand geleden
  • A great project for a new year! Keep smiling. It helps us more than you know!

    Eric StoeverEric StoeverMaand geleden
  • This is Laura in top form! Great video, super cool project. Well done :)

    Painted Sky StudiosPainted Sky StudiosMaand geleden
  • this looks really cool love the skateboard wheels.

    John Made itJohn Made itMaand geleden
  • very nice little project :) and the statement at the end: couldn't agree more.

    the TOMSTERthe TOMSTERMaand geleden
  • Perfect

    Kin chung LeungKin chung LeungMaand geleden
  • Hast du wieder deinen Rimowa-Faible ausgelebt :-) Sehr cool! Hab das Video gleich angeschaut, nachdem ich den Podcast gehört hatte. Viele Grüße Nico von Nico's Projects

    Nico's ProjectsNico's ProjectsMaand geleden
  • LOVE this...relaxing to watch..Thanks!!!

    Vivo CryptoVivo CryptoMaand geleden
  • I would love to see the look on the TSA agent's face when you roll up with that. :-)

    The A.D.D MakerThe A.D.D MakerMaand geleden
  • came out pretty cool

    Marcin SykutMarcin SykutMaand geleden
  • Beautiful!!!

    Keith McCarronKeith McCarronMaand geleden
  • Realistically you didn't really save money, right? All those working-hours easily add up. (this is a really roundabout way of saying this work should demand 80,- before tax per hour)

    flbflbflbflbMaand geleden
  • Amazing build, looks awesome, I really love the side pocket

    Lucas GeniarLucas GeniarMaand geleden
  • I love this, very clever use of materials!

    Matt's Garage & Misc. DIYMatt's Garage & Misc. DIYMaand geleden
  • Really good Stuff, lovely to see Weaver reaching out to more and more crafters. Can't wait for them to get into collab with Black Beard Guy :)

    Jaroslaw KusJaroslaw KusMaand geleden
  • omg. when you pulled down the bin labeled M5. what an awesome shop you've built for yourself. im building my own home shop up slowly. hope to be at that level someday.

    Brian TurnerBrian TurnerMaand geleden
    • It took me over 10 years to get here. Good things take time :)

      Laura KampfLaura KampfMaand geleden
  • Wow!! I tip my hat off to you. Awesome suitcase!! Especially, since you did all that in 10 minutes flat!! LOL Great Video my dear. Your cinematography, choice of soundtrack, it's right on!!! Kudos. And Happy 2021.

    sarge27271sarge27271Maand geleden
  • Mega

    holz-gedönsholz-gedönsMaand geleden
  • Well that the first time in my 4 years as a leatherworker that ive seen, what im guessing, is 6-7mm harness leather used for a pocket lol. Single pc of leather almost weighs as much as the whole rest of the case lol.

    Matt WeberMatt WeberMaand geleden
  • Eine zweite Hund? Ich habe eine frage, und es tut mir leid für meine komisch Deutsch :p Aber, mit die Hole Punch bolzen, warmum haben sie nicht die flach un loch mit der Frasmaschine gemacht? Schones koffer :D

    Simon OrchardSimon OrchardMaand geleden
  • I love it

    Mohamed YoussefMohamed YoussefMaand geleden
  • also welder from belgium i watch your videos and learn a lot visit my youtube page and subscribe

    Cédric FoxCédric FoxMaand geleden
  • This is awesome! Keep it up friend! You’ll be up to 600k before you know it!

    Brian PrusaBrian PrusaMaand geleden
  • Amazing job!!! The leather pouch was definitely my part!

    Tim MarquartTim MarquartMaand geleden
  • Make a tensioned leather bike seat.

    RhesusForBreakfastRhesusForBreakfastMaand geleden
  • Your design never fails to impress me. I love your eye for detail and styling. I have a "damn!" moment in nearly every video of yours I watch. Keep it up, you are an inspiration for being and expressing yourself through your craft in a way that is unapologetically you. Even the way your videos are shot and edited is impressive! Keep making and I assure you, we'll keep watching. Cheers!

    Deimos_ApexDeimos_ApexMaand geleden
    • Thank you!!

      Laura KampfLaura KampfMaand geleden
  • Hi Laura! I'm from Brazil and have been following your makes and this suitcase is... don't know, it's really, really spetacular, a really great product of a genius maker! Congrats! You are a inspiration, your videos are incredible!

    Cristie Finotti WutkeCristie Finotti WutkeMaand geleden
  • Awesome 👏👍

    Alex SokolovAlex SokolovMaand geleden
  • sehr gut

    Burkhard H.Burkhard H.Maand geleden
  • It just takes part of your personality.... it's your work..

    Carlos Rumbo PedreiraCarlos Rumbo PedreiraMaand geleden
  • I must agree with you. There is something very special about making or modifying something with your own hands. I appreciate you sharing your projects.

    Joe ValbuenaJoe ValbuenaMaand geleden
  • You are exactly right thanks for the content.

    Victor440Victor440Maand geleden
  • Mad respect for awesome skills. You keep surprising me with just how cool your builds are. Keep them coming and keep being awesome.

    Angus McLarenAngus McLarenMaand geleden
  • I think you've got a bespoke Rimowa hacking business/or impending Rimowa Designer Line, by Laura Kampf line ready to rock here.. I'd buy one! Fantastic build!!

    BK MakesBK MakesMaand geleden
  • Laura can you help me out and tell me how are those tools at 6:30 - 6:50 called?

    konrád Peterkakonrád PeterkaMaand geleden
  • I didn't want this video to end! So fun.

    Taralyn von der LindenTaralyn von der LindenMaand geleden
  • Love your workshop...

    uliphoto.deuliphoto.deMaand geleden
  • Genial!

    paul sehstedtpaul sehstedtMaand geleden
  • Hey! Was ist das für eine coole Weste, die du da an hast? Schönes Video wie immer! ✌

    Landshuter HonigLandshuter HonigMaand geleden
  • That was quite possibly the best piece of stock music ever. (Amazing work, as always!)

    Jamie MellarsJamie MellarsMaand geleden
  • it looks great and i love the way you made this video, but all the additions you made would be so heVy they would eat into your carry on weight significantly. also consider the cost of the space tools and time versus the cost of the case. i have no work shop, i own a hammer and a drill. you gave a freaking metal lathe. i’ll just buy a cheap carry on instead of ousting after a brand name

    setphasersetphaserMaand geleden
  • Subscribed!

    Zakaria FarahZakaria FarahMaand geleden
  • good idea

    mimi hellomimi helloMaand geleden
  • Did you hear it whistle? This case has got a better life than before. What a unique transformation!

    Proton ProtonfixProton ProtonfixMaand geleden
  • I do understand that owning it part also i love some good music in the morning while watching a genius in action.

    ucity metalheaducity metalheadMaand geleden
  • That's a nice "hammeraslider" at 5:35

    Kim WomackKim WomackMaand geleden
  • Nice piece of craft, my I ask on the empty weigth ? Considering 7kg carry on weight limit Ryan Air or Air Asia, there may be not much left?

    Guenther KofflerGuenther KofflerMaand geleden
  • Loving the "richtig cool aber wasises" box. Definitely need one of those.

    JocobesJocobesMaand geleden
  • I Like your Frankenstein-Rimowa Suitcase. it's ugly but with personality :P

    rubens20000rubens20000Maand geleden
  • Wow! It's beautifull, forgive me, but I think i will try to build one for me👍😁

    Simo Fai Da TeSimo Fai Da TeMaand geleden
  • Looks fine ! How long spend the lether in the water?

    AU _KastenAU _KastenMaand geleden
    • 30 mins

      Laura KampfLaura KampfMaand geleden
  • Very cool!

    pseudomonadpseudomonadMaand geleden
  • Love your work Laura! So great

    David SmithDavid SmithMaand geleden
  • I bet it’s kinda hard to describe the things you do to people. Just wait you tell them. Then you just show them. Thanks for new ideas...

    john zeejohn zeeMaand geleden
  • Bellissimo!!

    Matt MoodyMatt MoodyMaand geleden
  • It's been difficult to follow you with all the insanity happening in the US but I'm glad to be able to spend some time watching your channel. It's a relief to be able to watch you work.

    Matt MoodyMatt MoodyMaand geleden
  • Wow 😍

    Ali Der BastlerAli Der BastlerMaand geleden
  • Haha - I feel so dumb now. I've killed my hands cutting leather with heavy shears a number of times. Why didn't I think to use a bandsaw? That makes so much sense!

    Peter GamachePeter GamacheMaand geleden
  • Making something with your own hands turns a simple object into an unique piece. Makes total sense to me. The result was beautiful. Congrats.

    Luis MontoyaLuis MontoyaMaand geleden
  • Your creativity is unbound!

    Thomas Tieffenbacher/DocSavage45Thomas Tieffenbacher/DocSavage45Maand geleden
  • Love the video, love the music, and love the work.

    JD TongJD TongMaand geleden
  • good work verry nice

    Fabrice SeverinFabrice SeverinMaand geleden
  • would you mind sharing with me the kind or type of paint you usually use on wood? Gracias =]

    Roberto HernandezRoberto HernandezMaand geleden
  • This is awesome. May we see an interior view of the fasteners? Thanks in advance from Texas, USA.

    Stephen BridgesStephen BridgesMaand geleden
  • So cool! Love the mix of leather and metal. The other thing about making stuff like this is that you now own a one of a kind. Really great!

    Kelli LandryKelli LandryMaand geleden
  • Yours is worth 10000. Great project. Ausgezeichnet!

    Richard WrightRichard WrightMaand geleden
  • That was brilliant.👍

    Kevin FosterKevin FosterMaand geleden
  • What was that unique riveter called? Wow!

    glenn curryglenn curryMaand geleden
  • Wouldn’t this be tricky with airport Security? Can they get a good scan through a metal box?

    Jenniffer TaylorJenniffer TaylorMaand geleden