10 Recycling Project Ideas

6 jan. 2021
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This Video is a recap of my 10 favorite Recycling related Projects in 2020
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  • I hope you finish the trailer but don’t beat yourself up if you take the option to pass it on. You’ve done a fantastic job on it so far and it’s been great to watch.

    Diamonds & RustDiamonds & Rust9 dagen geleden
  • Man muß klein Anfangen mit den DIY Pojekten :-) Also: nlworld.info/key/video/pJ90g9SWbG1qom8 lg Martin

    Martin KirchbacherMartin Kirchbacher10 dagen geleden
  • Wew, difficult to decide for... In the end, I just couldn't decide between the Jerrycan Stove and the Horse Camping Trailer. So, a shared 1st place! 🥰

    Gwydion67Gwydion67Maand geleden
  • WoW 😲! Great work!

    Rogier VerheyenRogier VerheyenMaand geleden
  • Saludos desde ARGENTINA ¡¡¡¡

    sergio montanilesergio montanileMaand geleden
  • Definitely the coffee grinder, but I do want to see the camper finished too.

    Peter GallagherPeter GallagherMaand geleden
  • I loved the coffee grinder and I think that is still my favourite. Your trailer deserves a Murphy bed with your own ingenious method of activation :)

    Jeff MaulJeff MaulMaand geleden
  • Fabulous projects, Laura! Your skills are impressive to say the least. If I had to choose, my faves are the branding iron and the converted horse trailer. Coincidentally a friend suggested recently that I buy a horse trailer and convert it to transport the refurbished decor pieces I sell, across Canada to participate in artisan markets ... and when empty, on the way back fill it up with thrifted finds for the next projects! Post-pandemic, of course. 😎 Tks for sharing!

    Sue S.Sue S.Maand geleden
  • Awesome

    dubernautadubernautaMaand geleden
  • Coffee grinder is absolutely cool made, very stylish

    Serzh DyubroSerzh DyubroMaand geleden
  • I think my favourite project was the propane cylinder trash can. I had been trying to think of an easy way to make one myself. I will be using you design to build one this spring.

    Chris NovakowskiChris NovakowskiMaand geleden
  • We need to build a recycling trailer like that for our road trips and supplies for cleanups! Really cool!

    Trail Trash OutdoorsTrail Trash OutdoorsMaand geleden
  • The coffee grinder is my favorite personally!! Only is it a great idea, but most everyone drinks coffee and could use a coffee grinder and the fact that you are making it out of recycled materials that are very abundant ....Makes it even better!

    Trail Trash OutdoorsTrail Trash OutdoorsMaand geleden
  • Love your channel! I used to watch your channel on my personal channel all the time! Had to add you to our channel as well! Great ideas! Thanks for sharing so others can recycle as well!! Much love ✌ 💘 😊-TTO

    Trail Trash OutdoorsTrail Trash OutdoorsMaand geleden
  • I appreciate the repair-reuse-recycle mind set. There is so much waste in the world today. I have almost 50 projects that I have started and finished in the past 30 years that include those the three Rs. This video inspires me to find more ways to use what I have on hand or what I can salvage from my neighborhood. Thank you.

    Kenneth CoxKenneth CoxMaand geleden
  • I so admire your inventiveness / ideas and your skills in being able to pull them off. The trailer is my favourite, I hope you are able to complete it and make good use of it. Stay safe and Happy 2021.

    Mike ShipmanMike ShipmanMaand geleden
  • I also always think of Karate Kid when doing a repetitive task!

    Jean GoubertJean GoubertMaand geleden
  • I love all the "play with fire" projects, with a ++ for the heated bar. So 2020 ! Love

    blandine moraweckblandine moraweckMaand geleden
  • I love the jerry can stove!! that's hot!

    Dexter BeattieDexter BeattieMaand geleden
  • At least in Hesse driving schools are not closed. But still cool video

    Fritz MuellerFritz MuellerMaand geleden
  • Maravilloso

    Salome C. J.Salome C. J.Maand geleden
  • Just found your channel, and I really like it. Your works are awesome and inspiring. I love the camper, and can wait the final result. I hope your motivation back soon 😀

    Phoek PaulusPhoek PaulusMaand geleden
  • Cool stuff! Is the caravan really so heavy that you need a BE license for it? Or is there some other measure that exceeds the B license?

    some onesome oneMaand geleden
  • You must finish the camper trailer, unfinished projects always fester in the mind

    Richard HartRichard HartMaand geleden
  • Laura, you have such a beautiful soul💋

    Pepper AnnPepper AnnMaand geleden
  • All the projects are great. I appreciate the outdoor cooking focus and I agree with you that the height adjustable BBQ just seems like something that should exist.

    Orange BikeOrange BikeMaand geleden
  • The Camper was so cool. And the folding bike. Well and the coffee grinder too. 😊

    Chris NortonChris NortonMaand geleden
  • I love the way your mind works and your engineering skills. Very cool 😎

    Venessa RobinsVenessa RobinsMaand geleden
  • I loved the horse trailer ! Looking forward to the interior, I've been wanting to build a trailer myself ! Greets from Belgium

    Remi van ysackerRemi van ysackerMaand geleden
  • Love them all!!! Amazing work, as usual! Keep it up!

    Chuck MontecilloChuck MontecilloMaand geleden
  • Good girl)))

    Владимир ТрофимовичВладимир ТрофимовичMaand geleden
  • Hope u'll continue the camper project...

    Mohamed ZulkiflyMohamed ZulkiflyMaand geleden
  • that horse trailer looks way too good to give it away!!! damn it you are awesome!

    benotyourbossbenotyourbossMaand geleden
  • Thanks for another nice video!, I like your philosophy! Check an existing adjustable height barbecue here: www.hoefats.com/cone-holzkohlegrill.html I have had mine installed in an outdoor kitchen for a few years now and it works perfectly!

    Luca BertolinoLuca BertolinoMaand geleden
  • It's really hard to decide what I like best. Hmm... The coffee grinder is useful for nearly everybody, it's pretty and you learned things while making it, but I'm a tea drinker. The branding iron is great for serious creators, but I'm not one. The cannister was beautiful from a design point. Really spectacular in fact. But... the glasshouse. So simple so stable, so wonderful. I would really like to montage it in front of a window. Mini winter garden! 🌼🤗

    KoraRubinKoraRubinMaand geleden
  • Amazing!

    Bonnie DBonnie DMaand geleden
  • Awesome stuff. What a great year.

    Brian PrusaBrian PrusaMaand geleden
  • Hey Laura, nice stuff there :) About my favourite of your projects is the Horse trailer caravan. Btw, wouldn't be could to rent it out instead of giving it away or sale it? Lots of people, including myself and my wife would love to rent it for a week or so. Just a thought :)

    puntanodenhaagpuntanodenhaagMaand geleden
  • A few years ago i rebuild a old expansion vessel to a hydraulic tank. Was pretty easy: Cut open obove and below the waist, remove the rubber, tack some sheets on the inside to align the halfs and weld it back together. The first welding project i used forming gas... On the top, where the valve was, the return filter is placed. It also works as a pretty big filling port.

    DrKlausTrophobieDrKlausTrophobieMaand geleden
  • I thought the height adjustable BBQ was a neat idea

    Greg FeneisGreg FeneisMaand geleden
  • I’m 74 live in Australia recently widowed. Before leaving my darling said I must build a camper van and keep contact with our 4 children scattered over the country. I bought a 14’ poptop caravan and removed the poptop section with a view of making new full height walls so I could step in enroute anywhere for kitchen toilet and futon. The lower section intended as base furniture was so tacky I pulled off everything except floor and took it to the garbage disposal. Fitted a semi circle front floor extension and ducktail rear addition then built a frame similar to Airstream Basecamp. Skinned it with 10 sheets 4’x8’ aluminium and basically built it from floor to curved roof. Fitted domestic glass fibre shower cubicle as centre strength. Test towed if 4.000 km it pulled like a trout in a stream....biggest task is getting a mirror finish....realise should have gone stainless steel but hey it’s only 700kg so I have the time now to experiment with polish machines, pastes, etc etc. So impressed with your work, amazing keep it up we love your videos...

    Peter NicholsonuPeter NicholsonuMaand geleden
  • You waste twice the resources in the name of saving an object.

    Brian WatersBrian WatersMaand geleden
  • blimey!!! u are really skillful and creative person!!

    Juan VelasquezJuan VelasquezMaand geleden
  • You are my hero.

    Ronald VásquezRonald VásquezMaand geleden
  • Love the coffee grinder, but have always wondered how you powered it? 😊

    Angie GoochAngie GoochMaand geleden
  • The camper hands down was my favourite. Come on Laura, finish it. You’d have fun creating furniture that is both recycled but converts to different uses You can do it 💪🏻.

    zed elliottzed elliottMaand geleden
  • U R my Favorite!

    James ParkerJames ParkerMaand geleden
  • I like them all. The camper was my favorite. Wish I could weld.

    Lori RodgersLori RodgersMaand geleden
  • Love your words. Greetings from Indonesia.

    Nala LinolangiNala LinolangiMaand geleden
  • The Jerrycan Stove, so cool, even the color, black matte, wow. I wish I can order one for my own.

    Mark DuMark DuMaand geleden
  • I enjoyed the trailer videos. I'm glad you mentioned it in this video. I was wondering why it seemed to just die and no more videos showed up. I hope you find motivation to finish it and use it.

    Scott HendersonScott HendersonMaand geleden
  • I am so impressed with your engineering/mechanical abilities! Did you just acquiring them by doing or did you have some schooling in that regard?

    Mindy HallMindy HallMaand geleden
  • I would love a video of all your bbqs. Kind of like your videos on all your bicycles a while ago. Always grateful for the smiles you share during all your builds Laura! Alles gute für 2021!!!

    Andrew SpearsAndrew SpearsMaand geleden
  • You are absolutely awesome, Laura. Your videos are so inspirational.

    Gyula PANCZELGyula PANCZELMaand geleden
  • i had not seen the propane bin .that is very neat. ( coffe grinder is fun to watch) .I love making things from those tanks . I remove valve /fill with water . before cutting. other people use exhaust gas ,but I dont trust that method.

    Anthony TurtonAnthony TurtonMaand geleden
  • happy new year Laura your projects are outstandingly cool keep the faith and build on x

    Gareth HughesGareth HughesMaand geleden
  • My lockdown project was a caravan demolition and build into a chicken coup for my 46 rescue hens.

    darran newmandarran newmanMaand geleden
  • Very nice video good idea thank you from italy 👍😁

    Andrea BiagiAndrea BiagiMaand geleden
  • I believe 'Heim' is (or was) the brand, as in the UK I know them as 'Rose' joints, but I think that technically, they are spherical rod ends or maybe in German 'uni-ball gelenk'?? (I used to run the spares truck for a race car manufacturer and spent some weekends selling parts in Europe and this is what one German mechanic told me? :) )

    benmagee1981benmagee1981Maand geleden
  • my favourite is definitely the coffee grinder with the QN & QFF - Switch :)

    flat fileflat fileMaand geleden
  • You are great, love to watch you build, under this dire time of the pandemic I think more and more people will start going into their shop more, our last sanctuary.

    Kacey WongKacey WongMaand geleden
  • Hi Laura! Hopefully this year will be great, with awesome new projects!!

    Mario OchoaMario OchoaMaand geleden
  • Der Pferdeanhänger-Camper! Den Innenausbau zu sehen wäre großartig.

    Daniela BambergerDaniela BambergerMaand geleden
  • First time viewer, Laura you are one clever Lady! Excellent projects And a lovely pooch !

    Chris CandlinChris CandlinMaand geleden
  • Your ideas and items are absolutely awesome!!

    Perry F.Perry F.Maand geleden
  • PROPANE: maybe tell people, HOW to make sure they are empty! Fill them completely with water to get all the propane out! GASFLASCHEN: Bitte vor dem Arbeiten daran einmal KOMPLETT mit Wasser füllen um restliches Gas zu verdrängen!

    Horst WinterscheidHorst WinterscheidMaand geleden
  • Greetings from Athens - Hellas (Greece), Happy New Year! Laura you are a brilliant, genius, ecologist, beautiful, happy, good heart, dreamy, talented and wonderful woman. I started watching on NLworld the work of Jay Bates years ago, after Jimmy Diresta, April Wilkerson and others, but one day I saw your work /videos and became a fan of you. You are an inspiration, be always Healthy, Wise, Happy. Laura "ise thea" in Hellenic (Greek), which means "you are a goddess"... 👸🏺💐🎶🔝💖

    Sophia CorentySophia CorentyMaand geleden
  • I like the trailer.

    Jerry BellJerry BellMaand geleden
  • I love all your stuff Laura especially the gas can stove!

    johnny feathersjohnny feathersMaand geleden
  • My fav is the branding iron---because it was the first Laura Kampf video I saw and I have been hooked ever since!

    Cheryl FinkeCheryl FinkeMaand geleden
  • Jerry can! Jerry can! Is the winner :D

    Echi malEchi malMaand geleden
  • Thanks for the update on the horse trailer, totally understand pausing a project when the love is gone. I paused bike racing for three years and it was still there for me when I got back to it. Happy 2021

    Paddy QuigginPaddy QuigginMaand geleden
  • About adjustable grills, in Spain is quito common in festival markets to see something similar. Grill goes up and down rotating in a central screw, coal stays fixed, normally they are pretty big. images.app.goo.gl/aJGBQKYKgkn5YHCD9

    Jorge TJorge TMaand geleden
  • You are so amazing !! -- mad skills & fun ideas -- my skill is repurposing things for gardening & amusing my grand-daughter -- also a good 2020 occupation -- Keep amazing us -- Happy This Year

    cornellya josscornellya jossMaand geleden
  • I love them all. I know that when you do get your mojo back, you will make some fabulous furniture for your camper. Can't wait to see what you'll make.

    sazenasazenaMaand geleden
  • So creative.

    MichaelAChangMichaelAChangMaand geleden
  • You are an inspiration!

    Daan SchoneDaan SchoneMaand geleden
  • The caravan for sure! Because it's so close to what I'm building on. There is a 32 year old trailer in my barn that is always waiting for the next treatment. So far, with a few exceptions, it's pretty much original and I'm just trying to keep it. But at some point I will have to completely restore it because it is starting to rot in the corners. I love this trailer because it was built to be self-sufficient from the start. With its own solar power supply, water and gas. Perfect for just standing outside where you would never expect a caravan. Seeing how you work on your horse trailer took away many inhibitions about tackling this major project.

    Bananen JosefBananen JosefMaand geleden
  • I love your ideas, they're always really imaginative and inventive ❤️

    Rob BRob BMaand geleden
  • А из этого пацана могла бы получиться красивая девушка 😂😂😂

    Алексей РублевАлексей РублевMaand geleden
  • I have loved and will continue to love everything that you build, but my favorite build of yours is the Record player console!!!!❤

    Jade ReneJade ReneMaand geleden
  • I always love your mini camper van builds. First the tiny house trailer, then the horse box, next a portaloo on castors?

    Lawrence CuthbertLawrence CuthbertMaand geleden
  • Thanks for the recap, my favourite was probably the heated bar, I could really use one. This has also reminded me that I picked up a 70s travel iron just after you showed that video and I haven't made a branding iron yet.

    Graham DallasGraham DallasMaand geleden
  • Schade, dass du die Motivation für den Camper verloren hast. Ich fand es so toll, wie du vorgegangen bist und das Ergebnis ist mega schön. Die Fahrschulen haben übrigens auf. Insofern wag dich wieder dran!!!

    Maike TeufferMaike TeufferMaand geleden
  • Wieder viel tolle Ideen und Videos in diesem ansonsten spärlich mit Highlights durchsetztem Jahr! Danke dafür! Meine persönlichen Top 3 sind diese: 3. Coffee Grinder. Der wäre sogar Nummer eins gewesen, hätte der Motor ein richtig schönes Holzgehäuse bekommen. 2. Hight Adjustible Grill. Sieht gut aus und funktioniert super. Frag doch mal bei Weber an …😉 1. Jerry Can Stove. Weil da das Platzproblem aller Camper auf eine neue Weise (nämlich Hochkant) gelöst wurde, das Teil super zu funktionieren scheint und noch dazu voll super cool aussieht! 😃

    Achim SchreinerAchim SchreinerMaand geleden
  • Was hörst du denn so fuer podcasts beim arbeiten?

    J JJ JMaand geleden
  • A lot of the high-end grills (eg. Hasty Bake), use a height-adjustable fire pan. However, nothing I've seen is as cool (errr. hot!!!) as your design. BTW...currently watching a Wix ad in German. NLworld must have seen my Google Translate German comments to you and assumed I'm a speaker. I did take German in high school, but Ich spreche ein bissien Deutch is way too generous at this point. lol. None-the-less...danke, dass du schöne Videos gemacht hast! (My favorite project was the coffee-grinder...and second is the suitcase kitchen).

    GreenShortz DIYGreenShortz DIYMaand geleden
  • Die Projekte sagen für mich aus, dass es ein gutes Jahr war! Was mit dem Anhänger los ist hab ich mich schon paar mal gefragt gehabt. Manchmal bei Projekten mit offenem Ende vergeht die Motivation irgendwann :/ Es wäre schade, wenn die Arbeit die du bereits reingesteckt hast nun nicht weitergeführt wird. Falls du ihn wirklich verkaufen solltest, kannst du dich bei mir melden, ich wäre interessiert. Habe vor kurzem den BE Schein gemacht und lebe in 3 Stunden von Köln... So oder so wünsche ich dir ein schönes Jahr 2021!

    Max PepMax PepMaand geleden
  • Man bekommt keine Zulassung für den Anhänger?! Das ist ja mal zu blöd!

    Jonas KesselJonas KesselMaand geleden
    • @Laura Kampf achso ups dann habe ich das falsch verstanden

      Jonas KesselJonas KesselMaand geleden
    • Doch klar! Den kann man abnehmen lassen, ist alles mom TÜV besprochen. Ich habe nur den Führerschein nicht machen können

      Laura KampfLaura KampfMaand geleden
  • These are really beatiful projects! What an impressive summary of all the things you've built. Also: really impressive how you control your tig welding foot pedal with our knee!! nlworld.info/key/video/0pJ1m8TVgYCdfIQ

    Stephan SchlöglStephan SchlöglMaand geleden
  • El cachorro es el mejor supervisor de este proyecto.

    Faustino MartinezFaustino MartinezMaand geleden
  • hermosa,. Eres mejor que la vecina de alado.

    Faustino MartinezFaustino MartinezMaand geleden
  • Für jeden, der sich fragt: Wenn man sicher stellen will, dass eine Gasflasche komplett frei von Gas ist, füllt man die Flasche einfach mit Wasser auf bis sie überläuft. For everyone wondering: If you want to make sure that a gas bottle is completely empty of gas you simply fill the bottle up with water until it spills over. You're welcome :-)

    bicycle_repair_manbicycle_repair_manMaand geleden
  • Please fill up the propane gas tank with water to avoid an explosion. And yes, of course, you can empty the tank before drilling etc.

    BerndBerndMaand geleden
  • My favorite has to be the horse trailer. It is just so freaking good looking. 👍🏼

    Josh HibbsJosh HibbsMaand geleden
  • I know you have a lot of people commenting. I have always loved your style and how you make things by hand. Please please PLEASE!!! don’t change how you make stuff. Don’t use CNC’s, lasers, water jets and all that other new tech. A occasional part, yes that’s cool. But I stay subbed cause you make stuff by hand. I can’t choose a vid I like best cause they are all to awesome to choose just one!!!

    tattoosteveneotattoosteveneoMaand geleden
  • I would have to do some research but I think they did have a height adjusting grill way back in the day like maybe 40’s or 50’s. I am not positive about this though.

    Josh HibbsJosh HibbsMaand geleden
  • Ah, man...those were amazing, each and every one of them! Your skills and creativity are unbelievable 👏👏👏

    Rara AvisRara AvisMaand geleden
  • Lots of cool ideas in this video. Have subbed, cheers

    Nick GranvilleNick GranvilleMaand geleden
  • Больше всего нравится проект мини дома из прицепа для лошадей. У нас сейчас ажиотаж на такие вещи - путешествовать за границу не получается и все осваивают безграничные просторы России. За последний год 4 производства открылись в моем городе и все делают прицепы-дома. Это крутая идея!)

    axaprumaxaprumMaand geleden